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Dragon Ball Z ep 17 - City of No Tomorrow! The Long Road to Victory

With only six months remaining until the Saiyans arrive on Earth, Gohan's real training under Piccolo begins. Having survived on his own for the last half a year, he will now learn martial arts. Piccolo sets out his goals plainly to Gohan. He must surpass him, so that he may surpass the Saiyans. If he's not sleeping or eating, he will be fighting Piccolo. And if he has time to whine, he has time to train.

Elsewhere, in Other World, the end of Serpentine Road still isn't in sight for Son Goku.

Atop Kami's Temple in the Heavenly Realm, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Chaozu train their hardest for the coming invasion (while Yajirobe gets his snack on). Eager to at last begin their real training under Kami-sama, after two months of being there, they request the same special training as Goku received.

 "Goku's special training? I taught Goku..."

Which seems to be perfectly true, if you recall the beginning of the Piccolo Jr. Saga, as it was Mr. Popo who took charge of Goku's instruction. And as Kami walks away laughing, Mr. Popo takes charge of this new set of students.

"Getting stronger... is knowing enemy, and knowing self."
 Yamcha has no patience for Mr. Popo's instruction, citing that he knows himself better than anyone.
Mr. Popo doubts that.

Mr. Popo takes his students into the Room of Time, which has had a significant remodel since Goku's training. Yajirobe opts not to go, so only the B-Team enters into the mysterious past...

In the year 1989, a group of martial artists were sent to Heaven to train to fight Saiyans they couldn't defeat. These men promptly found themselves on a quest to the past. Today, still unable to defeat the Saiyans, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The B-Team.

Or maybe not.

The B-Team realizes from the environment strewn with Saiyan skeletons that they are on their homeworld, the Planet Vegeta. Yamcha and Tenshinhan are eager to try out their skills against a real Saiyan, though perhaps recalling his brief encounter with Raditz's tail, Kuririn isn't so gung ho. Chaozu looks over some ruined buildings, where he is almost immediately attacked and defeated by a tall Saiyan named Brocco. He and his partner, Panbukin, reveal themselves to our heroes.

(Few notes about Brocco and Panbukin... Both their name puns are later reused by other anime-only Saiyans, Broly and Pumbukin sport the broccoli and pumpkin puns, from DBZ movie 8/10/11 and TV special 1, respectively. In the FUNimation/Saban production from 1996, they're named Shorty and Scarface, and said to exist 100 years in the past. Of course, Freeza wasn't around then, so their uniforms and Scouters are suspect. No mention of when they exist in the timeline is mentioned in the Japanese script of the episode. Also, Panbukin is played by Daisuke Gori, and known as Onion in certain video games.)

 Furiously, Tenshinhan launches at Brocco in retaliation for Chaozu.
 But he's simply too slow for the mighty Saiyan warrior!!
 In order to save Ten, Yamcha fires off a Sokidan!

It succeeds in giving Tenshinhan an opportunity to escape, and while it surprises the mighty Saiyans, they appear undamaged by Yamcha's greatest attack... (Proving conclusively that Yamcha's special attack isn't good for shit. Like Yamcha.) So Ten calls for each of them to attack the Saiyans at once. Kuririn attacks with a Kamehameha, Yamcha fires another Sokidan, and Tenshinhan unleashes the fury of the Kikoho!!

But despite all this, the Saiyans emerge completely unscathed.

And they take out Kuririn with ease.

They taunt the remaining B-Teamers, wondering which of the two remaining humans will die next (I vote Yamcha). With nothing else for it, Yamcha and Tenshinhan prepare to unleash a final assault on the two powerful foes. Yamcha creates an extra powerful Sokidan, and Ten uses the Shishin-no-ken to split himself into four, and use a four way Kikoho...!!!

Their efforts fail spectacularly.

The four members of the B-Team awaken unscathed in the Room of Time. Only their minds were taken on this journey, so that they could learn how weak they truly are. And the Saiyans who fought, and killed, each of them in their vision of the past ... are nothing compared to the two Saiyans on their way to Earth!!

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