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Dragon Ball Z ep 18 - Last Stop on Serpentine Road! Are You Kaio-sama?

As Gohan and Piccolo continue to train, it's clear that Gohan doesn't take Piccolo seriously as a threat. He jumps around laughing and smiling, as Piccolo thrashes him about their rocky training ground. Piccolo spits, "You're even softer than your father."

Speaking of, Son Goku desperately continues across Serpentine Road.

That night, Gohan dreams of a mountain of fruit.
 Including a delicious pineapple.
 A pineapple which turns into Raditz...!
("I'm fruity.")

Deep in the mountains, Kakarotto's space pod awakens.
"Wake up, Kakarotto..."
And although Son Goku isn't around to hear the call of his Saiyan pod...
 Son Gohan hears it loud and clear!! And in him awakens a fury!
 He attacks Piccolo with a ferocity his master doesn't expect.
Piccolo splits himself into two in order to deal with this new Gohan.
 But Gohan's tail has grown back!!
 And his strength is too much even for two Piccolos!!
 To top it all off... the moon is back!!
 So when Piccolo tries to defeat Gohan with a electric attack...
... the fearsome Oozaru returns!!
(Say it with me...) Awwwww, fuck.

Oozaru Gohan proceeds to wreck Piccolo's shit. No matter what Piccolo throws at the beast, it does no good. Even when Piccolo attempts to destroy the new moon, his ki flies right through it. Piccolo understands now that he'll need to grow a lot stronger if this is the true power of a Saiyan. Gohan, with his full Saiyan strength, is just too much for him to handle.

At Kame House, Bulma, Oolong, Umigame, and Muten Roshi celebrate the gathering of all seven Dragon Balls. Now they need only wait six more months, and Goku can return to defeat the Saiyans.
But this night, Muten Roshi thinks something is strange about the moon...
(He's probably thinking, "Didn't I explode that thing 11 years ago?")

At last, Piccolo discovers Goku's Saiyan space pod, which is emitting a false image of the moon. (It probably sensed Gohan, couldn't sense a moon in the sky, and decided to help Gohan finish his task, thinking he was Kakarotto. But whatever, this is filler so it doesn't have to make sense.) Using his Makankosappo, Piccolo overkills explodes the false moon by hitting the pod. Gohan turns back to normal, and Piccolo once again rips out his tail. 

 "Sorry about that. I'm going to make sure that I draw out those dormant abilities of yours. Geez, you sure are a lot of trouble..."

Speaking of tails, 
 Goku at last finds the tail of Serpentine Road!!
 FINALLY!! Kaio-sama's house is straight ahead!!

But the gravity of Kaio's tiny planet (Don't... don't try to make sense of that, just go with it) is so intense, Goku can hardly stand!! So hungry is he after his long journey, he tries to climb one of Kaio's apple trees... but cannot due to the gravity making his body feel like lead! And that's when he meets him...

 Kaio... sama?
 Goku asks Kaio-sama if he'll accept him for training.
 And so the monkey master assists him in getting an apple.
 Then their training begins.
(Complete with Goku imitating his monkey noises.)
 "What are you doing?" Asks the real Kaio-sama.

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