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Dragon Ball Z ep 21 - Come Forth, Shen Long! The Saiyans Finally Arrive on Earth

Over the following weeks, Kaio-sama teaches Son Goku his signature technique, the Kaioken. It's a technique so deadly, and puts such strain on the user's body, that even Kaio has never fully mastered it. After five short months with the master, Kaio is ready to give Goku his last bit of training. Confident he has taught Goku everything he can in martial arts (though his comedy could use work), they review everything Goku has learned.

First up is Bubbles, who Goku catches in 0.8 seconds.
Second is Gregory, who Goku hits in 1.2 seconds.

And finally, the Genki Dama.

A technique which draws upon all the energy (Genki) of the planet - the living things like plants, animals, and people - and turns it into a destructive power ball. (Genki Dama literally means Energy Ball. Though given its nature, the American dub names Spirit Bomb and Spirit Blast aren't too far off the mark.)

Kaio summons a giant, solid brick, and throws it across his planet at super speed!! Goku's goal - destroy it without destroying everything else.

Which he succeeds at magnificently.

Kaio is surprised at the amount of control over the Genki Dama Goku has. Though a warning to Goku; the planet he'll be fighting on, Earth, is so incomparably larger than Kaio's planet, with so much more life, and a powerful yellow sun looming overhead, the power of the Genki Dama on that planet will be immeasurable

If Goku slips up using the Genki Dama on Earth... there might not be an Earth left to save! As such, Kaio restricts him from using the technique more than once. And only if he really needs to. But Goku feels confident that the Kaioken will be enough.

"OH, HELL!!"

Kaio suddenly realizes that he's made a critical error! The Saiyans are arriving on Earth tomorrow, and Goku has to run Serpentine Road again!! Goku nearly shits himself... it took him half a year to get across it last time! Everyone's going to die! Kaio tells him it should only take two days this time, but that doesn't calm Goku down. Goku figured Kaio could just send him "whooshing" back to Earth!

So using Kaio's telepathic powers, Goku is encouraged to place his hand on the master's back and use his mind to call his friends on Earth to wish him back with Shen Long.

 Who does Goku call?
Muten Roshi.

Goku explains the situation to his old master. The Saiyans are arriving tomorrow, he's running late, they need to wish him back now, and his training went well.

"Hey, is he all right?" Oolong asks, hearing Roshi talking from the toilet.
"OI! Get the Dragon Balls ready, now!"

While they wait, Kaio-sama gives Goku brand new dogi. A much lighter, hard-wearing uniform, which is tough enough to deflect minor attacks. 

(via the WoW Item Creator)

 "I was worried my clothes would look ugly like yours, Kaio-sama!"

(I've wanted this tattooed on my back since I was about 14.)

Piccolo and Gohan continue their training in the wilderness. After telling Gohan he can't simply dodge his opponent and expect to win (something TFS!Piccolo might disagree with...), Piccolo electrifies him with eyebeams. Momentarily Piccolo worries he inadvertently went too far and injured Gohan... but Gohan gets back up, with a sour look on his face.

"That's not fair. You said you wouldn't use your eyes." He pouts.
"Don't be presumptuous! You think such a promise is valid when fighting?!"
"But Piccolo-san, you're not the enemy."

Elsewhere, Muten Roshi, Oolong, Bulma, and Puar have summoned Shen Long. Piccolo can tell by the blackened sky, and assumes this means the Saiyans are arriving sooner than they expected. Oolong asks Shen Long if he can defeat the Saiyans for them, which he cannot, as it is outside of Kami-sama's power. But he can bring Goku back to life. Even though Kami can't do that. (Furthermore, couldn't he defeat the Saiyans by transporting them outside of their space pods? That would leave them in space. To die.)

With Goku back to life, he leaves on Serpentine Road back toward Earth. (Because they couldn't word the wish like, "Bring Goku back to Earth alive"? Oh well, we're officially in DBZ. The filler is worse, and the plotholes are larger than ever. Sit back and enjoy the ride.) Kaio decides that if Goku ever comes back to stay with him, he'll teach him more comedy.

And so, the next day, at 11:43am, the Saiyans at last arrived on Planet Earth.

Nappa and Vegeta have arrived.

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