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Dragon Ball Z ep 22 - Unbelievable! Saibaimen, Born of the Soil

Vegeta and Nappa, the two Saiyan allies of Son Goku's brother, Raditz, have at last come to Earth. A month ahead of schedule, no less, with Goku a day away from making it back from Other World. The duo is delighted by the Planet Earth as they step out of the space pods in the center of Metro East. Muggles Citizens gather to witness the emergence of the strange aliens, just as Nappa decides to give the ones who killed Raditz a little greeting...

The Earth trembles and quakes from the power of Nappa's attack. He utterly wipes a hunk of Metro East off of the map. Such devastation and death not seen since Piccolo Daimao's Bakurikimaha. Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Piccolo, Gohan, Kuririn, and Yamcha each feel the blast, and the extraordinary ki behind it. They have their work cut out for them.

 In the rubble, Nappa chuckles to himself that he could have done more.
 Vegeta scolds him, saying that if he bangs up the planet too much, they won't be able to sell it. And if one of the Dragon Balls were nearby, there went their chance at Eternal Life.
Nappa apologizes, their mission slipping his mind.

Vegeta and Nappa use their Scouters to find the strongest person on the planet. Vegeta figures that will be the one who killed Raditz (Piccolo) or Kakarotto's son (Gohan). What they find surprises Nappa... there's several high Battle Powers which could have contended with Raditz!! Vegeta tells him not to worry, and they fly off to find the two most powerful fighters on the planet, who are conveniently together...

Piccolo and Gohan. 

Though Bulma and Puar are eager to assist their friends in the coming battle, Muten Roshi solemnly tells them that even his power is far too outclassed by the approaching fighters. He would only be in the way... (;______;)

 Nappa and Vegeta enjoy the weak gravity of Planet Earth...
 As Goku's friends prepare for the coming conflict...
And beasts of all sorts flee from the battle stage. 
(Including the always formidable Pee-Rex.)

Tenshinhan asks Chaozu to stay behind, worried for his (beloved's) safety. But Chaozu refuses. He trained as hard as anyone else, and is as ready as (his precious) Ten-san is to face the consequence. (Then they fly the rest of the way in silence, holding hands.)

At Metro East, the media and the police have arrived to investigate the strange "Earthquake" which left the city devastated. Yajirobe arrives, and informs them of the Saiyans. At first the police chief and the reporters laugh at him, but once the CSI team investigates the space pods ("Looks like this Earthquake was... out of this world."), they begin to take him a lot more seriously...

Very seriously.

With the money used to bribe him for more information, Yajirobe plans to have himself a giant feast (possibly, he thinks, his last meal). Using his ki sensing abilities gained from training under Kami-sama and Mr. Popo, he locates where the Saiyans' ki is headed - but warns them not to seek them out, and that "his boys" (referring to the others who trained under Kami) will take care of them.

Piccolo and Gohan are momentarily stunned when they sense four other large ki coming for them. There were only supposed to be two Saiyans, right?! But Piccolo is more surprised when it is his old rival from the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai, Kuririn, who arrives on the field of battle, with an extraordinary power boost! He tells them about the others coming to lend a hand, and Piccolo gratefully accepts their help. Gohan recognizes Kuririn from Kame House. Kuririn remarks how much stronger Gohan has gotten, reminding him of a younger Goku. Gohan smiles, saying how his dad always told him Kuririn was short but powerful. 

Kuririn bitterly spits,  "That jerk -- he grows a little bit taller and thinks he's so big..."

Kuririn asks Gohan if his training was tough, and Gohan happily reports it was, but that Piccolo isn't a mean person.
(Not at all.)

At last, the Saiyans land on the battle field, Vegeta remarking how they must have been waiting anxiously for them. Vegeta recognizes Piccolo at once by his voice, due to the nature of the Scouters doubling as communication devices. And Nappa realizes that he's a Namekian. Vegeta doesn't find it surprising, then, that he killed Raditz. Namekians are known to have extraordinary power, and magician-like abilities. Vegeta figures that it must have been Piccolo who created the Dragon Balls.

Kami-sama, who was once the same being as Piccolo, did indeed create the Dragon Balls. Though he had no idea he and Piccolo were aliens, the Dragon Balls felt familiar to him, even before he made them. Kami surmises that, on their home world, something like the Dragon Balls must exist...

The media makes the mistake (there's an oxymoron for you) of not heeding Yajirobe's warning and swarms the battle field with helicopters. Nappa gets annoyed and blows them out of the sky. He and Vegeta check the heroes Battle Powers with their Scouters, and Nappa isn't very impressed. Vegeta warns him not to rely on his Scouter, as these fighters can change their Battle Power at will, which is how "that wimp Raditz" was ultimately killed. 

Hearing the monstrous Saiyan who Goku and Piccolo barely defeated referred to as "that wimp" sends chills down our heroes' spines.

With no way to know their true power other than to test them, Vegeta asks Nappa to plant their remaining Saibaimen.

Six powerful monsters grow in an instant... The Saibaimen are born!

Hurry, Goku!!

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