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Dragon Ball Z ep 24 - Farewell, Ten-san! Chaozu's Suicide Strategy

"Let me show you the results of my training...!"
Kuririn cries out as he puts his full power into a ki blast.
 He launches an enormous, slow moving wave of destructive force at the Saiyans and their Saibaimen minions.
 Then like Yamcha's Sokidan, he begins to manipulate it with his hands.

Kuririn's massive ki wave splits apart and lands direct hits on three Saibaimen and the Saiyan duo. The three Saibaimen are killed on contact. A single Saibaiman survives by ducking into a cave, but makes the mistake of going after Gohan.

Piccolo says he didn't do it to save Gohan, but we know he's lying.

("I-it's not like I.. like you or anything... BAKA!")
(Piccolo is such a tsundere.)

As the smoke from Kuririn's full powered blast clears, Vegeta and Nappa appear to be completely unscathed! With their "game" over, Nappa decides to step into the fray and take all our heroes on at once. Vegeta allows it, but reminds him not to kill the Namekian, Piccolo, as they'll need to question him about the Dragon Balls once the others are dead. Nappa casually strolls toward the Earthlings, then decides to bumrush Kuririn!!

 ("You just tickled my funny bone, pal!")
 But Piccolo jumps in Nappa's way, ready for his own turn to fight!
 ...and he knocked to the ground with ease!

Nappa begins to focus his extraordinary ki, the earth beneath him trembling under the weight of his power. Chaozu begins to focus his own psychic energy in a manner of some counterattack, but Nappa notices and fires a mouth blast at him, throwing him to the ground!

His power up complete, Nappa barrels toward Tenshinhan!!
 First he numbs Ten's arm, then he breaks it off in a single punch!!

 With only one remaining arm, Ten flies into the air and prepares a counterattack, but Nappa is too quick for him...!!

Tenshinhan crippled, Yamcha dead, Kuririn furiously rushes for Nappa. Piccolo warns him to stay put, but Kuririn doesn't listen! Then Nappa lets loose a massive ki attack... which cleaves open the earth..!!

Kuririn is blown back by the shockwave of Nappa's attack, but as the dust clears, there's no sign of Chaozu!!! Tenshinhan desperately looks around for him, crippled and wounded as he is (Don't worry, Saban told me his arm would grow back). Nappa chuckles, promising to send him to meet him soon in the Next World. Vegeta smirks, "Nappa! Look behind you!"

Chaozu clings to Nappa's back, focusing his ki. Nappa desperately smashes Chaozu into nearby plateaus and mountains, trying to shake him off. It's no good, Chaozu is clung tightly to the giant Saiyan. Gohan looks away from the horrible scene, as Chaozu cries out in agony from Nappa's earthen assault. Piccolo shouts for Gohan not to look away... this is fighting. This is what he trained for. Gohan, tears in his eyes, looks back at the fight as Chaozu's psychic energy begins to envelop him and Nappa.

"Chaozu! That's enough! Get away from him!" Ten shouts.
"T-Ten-san... Thank you."
"What are you saying, Chaozu?! Get away from there! Get away from there now!!"
"I enjoyed... being together... with you."
"Chaozu! What are you thinking?!"
"Farewell, Ten-san. Please don't die."

Chaozu's body explodes on Nappa's back. 

Tenshinhan bellows a guttural scream for his lost Chaozu, eyes clinched tight with bitter tears. Gohan and Kuririn can hardly believe it. Piccolo smirks, congratulating Chaozu on the great suicide strategy.

But it didn't work.

It didn't work at all.

 Nappa is still alive, and still unfazed!!
Their year of preparation... was it for nothing?!

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