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Dragon Ball Z ep 3 - All right! This is the Strongest Combo in the World!

"DAMN IT ALL!! He made a mockery of me!!"

Raditz, Son Goku's elder brother and Saiyan warrior, has kidnapped Gohan as an ultimatum to Goku. Either Goku murders 100 humans in the next 24 hours, and pile their bodies on Kame Island, or Raditz will kill Gohan. Worse still, before Raditz leaves he tells them that he and the other two Saiyans have decided to wipe out Earth once their current mission is complete. His own power vastly inferior to his brother's, Kuririn, Muten Roshi, and Bulma hold back Goku when he bellows for Kinto Un, keen to chase after Raditz without planning.

"His tail..." Says Goku. "If I squeeze his tail hard enough, his strength should drop off. That's how it was for me."

But Goku's plan won't work if he fights Raditz by himself. Kuririn and Muten Roshi agree to help, knowing that it will be a desperate situation. Kuririn asks Bulma to wish them back, should they die, and she agrees without argument. But Goku has bad news; Shen Long will only grant a wish once. If you die and are brought back, according to Kami-sama, you cannot be brought back again. And Kuririn and Muten Roshi were both brought back once before. But they both refuse to stand down!

Though Kuririn is a bit hesitant...
"This time for sure, I'm dead... Damn... And I wanted to get married too..."

With the Dragon Radar in hand, they can track the location of Gohan and the Four-Star Ball on his hat. Our three heroes are ready to set out, at last!!

"This is too much for you guys!" 

"I followed him here." Piccolo says, referring to Raditz.
"You've already met him?" Asks Goku.
"That's right. If you go with those two, you won't be able to defeat him. I will go with you. You must have realized that his strength is extraordinary. He's an opponent that neither you nor I can stand up to. However... If you and I team up, then there's a slight possibly that we can defeat him!"
"Just what the hell has come over you?"
"Don't get me wrong. It's not as though I've become awakened to peace. I don't care what happens to your son, either. It's just that he stands in the way of the world domination I am after! We'll team up, but once we've taken care of him and his two pals, I'm going to defeat you, and this time I intend to take over the world for sure!"
"I won't let you do that! But up through that part where we team up, that's a good idea. Looks like there ain't any other way, huh?"
"That's right! We'll just have to put up with it."

With the Dragon Radar in hand, the world's strongest team of Piccolo and Goku leave to fight Raditz. And with Raditz's Scouter, Piccolo informs Goku that a sneak attack won't work. They have to fight him head on.

Muten Roshi cannot believe Goku and Piccolo have teamed up, and excited at the prospect, demands they leave to watch the fight!

Meanwhile, Chichi wonders about her darling son.
"I wonder if Gohan-chan is havin' fun at Muten Roshi-sama's place?"
Worst game of hide-n-seek ever.

("It's my turn to hide. You stay in here and count to 30.")

Weary of Gohan, Raditz shuts him up inside his space pod. As he walks away to get something to eat, his Scouter picks up a warning signal. A high battle power is nearby and... inside his space pod? Thinking it's impossible for this kid to have such a high battle power, Raditz ignores it as a glitch. Then it glitches again. Strange. Even stranger is that it is picking up the Kakarotto's battle power and another almost as large as his. But Kakarotto wouldn't come here, would he? He has no idea where he is, for one.

 Except that he does.
Which means...?!

"What the hell have you come here for?" Raditz smirks.
"It's obvious, ain't it?! We've come to take my boy back!"
"Which means, even though you may be a Saiyan, like us, you don't want to join our group?"
"That's what I said!"
"Then you intend to defy your brother?"
"I ain't got any brothers!"

Gohan hears Goku's voice over the speaker in Raditz's space pod (presumably) connected to his Scouter.

"Kakarotto... I thought you'd be more sharp-witted. To think you'd be as foolish as this... You disappoint me." Raditz hisses.
(I don't think Raditz has ever watched Dragon Ball.)

(Side note: Hearing Raditz say "Nakama" so much in this episode brings to my mind the image of another Shigeru Chiba character...)

Goku and Piccolo both remove their weighted clothing they use for training, and their battle powers both spike on Raditz's Scouter. But Raditz isn't worried. Indeed, he's decided he no longer wants Goku in his group, as he'd only slow them down. "You're a disgrace to our family!!" Raditz bellows, as he launches at Goku and Piccolo...!!

Even without their weighted clothing, Piccolo and Goku cannot keep up with Raditz's breath-taking speed!! Raditz promises that their deaths are only a matter of time now.

"I know. Why don't I let you in on something good before you die? The two other Saiyans who are still alive have an even higher battle power than I do!"

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