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Dragon Ball Z ep 4 - Piccolo's Trump Card! Gohan, the Crybaby-kun

Son Goku and Piccolo Daimao are the two strongest fighters the planet Earth has ever seen. Their battles from five and seven years ago rocked the world with the force of their power. Now they both gaze at Goku's older brother - the Saiyan warrior, Raditz - utterly without hope of victory. Even if they manage to defeat him, a far stronger warrior than either of them, his allies - two other Saiyan warriors - are even more powerful than he is.

"You must be pretty excited, huh, Son Goku?"
"Sorry, but this time, I ain't all that excited. I'm so scared, I'm trembling."

Raditz taunts our desperate hero. But Goku doesn't care, bellowing for his son. Raditz explains he hasn't hidden Gohan at all - merely locked him away in his space pod because he wouldn't stop crying.

"Save me dad!"
"Hold on, Gohan! Daddy's coming to rescue you right away!"

Raditz bursts into laughter, reminding Goku he won't be saving anyone - not if he and Piccolo die first. Furiously, Goku lands beside Piccolo, and the two lock in on their foe.

 "Where'd you go?!"
 "I'm right here."

Their assault is a marked failure. Not only could they not keep up with his superior speed, but Piccolo lost an arm thanks to Raditz's ki attacks. Piccolo asks Goku if he's got any new techniques up his sleeve, to which Goku declines. Piccolo smirks, commenting on how he's been training seriously while Goku's been taking it easy. He has a new attack, one that could kill this guy... which he had been saving to kill Goku.

"I was saving this in order to kill you."
"And instead, you might just end up saving me with it, eh?"

In order to charge the ki needed for his new ability, the Makankosappo, Piccolo will need some uninterrupted time for concentration. For that to happen, it's up to Goku to distract Raditz one-on-one...

Unable to keep up with Raditz in melee, Goku recovers from being swatted away by leaping into the air... and focusing his ki into his palms!!

 "Ka... me... ha... me..."
 As both Goku and Piccolo's battle powers rise exponentially, Raditz realizes they these two fighters have the rare ability to change their battle power at will!!
Goku's Kamehameha launches at Raditz, who makes every attempt to dodge it, but Goku manipulates it into following him! With no other option, Raditz takes the blast head on!
 Raditz gives Goku a ki blast of his own in retaliation.
 But before Raditz can throw the final blow...
 ...Piccolo's Makankosappo is complete!!
And ability so powerful that Raditz fears for his life as it jets toward him.

A flash of light, and the shattering of armor later... 

Raditz is still alive.

Raditz admits that, had he taken Piccolo's attack head on, he would be dead. But his extraordinary speed enabled him to dodge it at the last moment. Not willing to let history repeat itself, Raditz prepares an attack to obliterate Piccolo in an instant. Piccolo braces himself... and then Raditz freezes in place, stunned.

"You got careless, didn't ya?!" Goku laughs.

Squeezing Raditz's tail, the mighty Saiyan loses all of his strength, as Goku knew he would from personal experience. Raditz's power utterly drained, he falls to the ground, and Goku shouts for Piccolo to do his technique one more time. Piccolo smiles, saying he's only got one more Makankosappo in him, so Goku better keep a firm grip! 

"K-Kakarotto! Are you planning to kill your one and only brother?!"
"Shut up! I told you, any guy as cruel as you are ain't any brother of mine! As someone who was gonna kill my son, you don't get to go saying that self-serving junk!" Goku spits.
"I-I'll stop! I've had a change of heart!" Raditz begs. "I'll leave this planet without making any more trouble!"
"Don't be fooled, Son Goku! There's no truth in what he's saying! There's no way he would do that!" Shouts Piccolo.
"P-please! Believe me, my younger brother! Truly, I have done some cruel things up to now! To you, as well... But to you I'll keep my promise, no matter what!!"
"Y-you really mean it?"
"I-I really do!"
"N-no!! Don't let go of his tail! That's his tactic!"
"I'm begging you, Kakarotto! B-believe me!"

Having weaseled his way out of certain death, Raditz retakes the offensive against Goku. He stomps Goku's rib-cage into pieces, ensuring that this fight will remain his. He taunts and mocks Goku for his sentimental weakness. Piccolo is without hope. Even if he fires another Makankosappo, Raditz will simply dodge it again. They are truly out of options.

But then Raditz's Scouter gives him a warning. An incredibly high battle power is nearby!! And as the small form of Son Gohan bursts through Raditz's space pod, he knows it isn't a glitch!

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