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Dragon Ball Z ep 5 - Goku Dies! There's Only One Last Chance

 "Stop picking on..."
"MY DAD!!"

Gohan's battle power skyrockets as he flies into a fury, no longer willing to sit by and watch Raditz kill his father. The blow he strikes on Raditz cripples him. But Gohan has no idea that he did it, or how he did it. He comes to himself beside his father, confused. Goku is shocked by his son's full strength.

"Gohan... run away!" Goku pleads.

Raditz, clutching his chest, swats Gohan across the field. He's seething. Gohan's battle power is back to the bare minimum. Furiously, Raditz stomps toward Gohan to make his retaliation.

"S-Stop! Please stop!" Goku begs. "He's--"
"--still just a child?" Raditz snaps. "Is that what you were going to say? You've got to be joking! That brat has a battle power far higher than you two! I'm going to kill him now, while he's still incapable for adeptly using his power. Don't worry, you'll see him again soon enough!"

Raditz approaches the unconscious child, cold fury etched over his features. No one has ever been able to inflict so much pain on him, in such little time. He readies a ki attack, sparking with electricity. Goku crawls desperately toward his son, every rib shattered. Raditz swings his arm down to kill Gohan. Goku leaps off the ground.

Goku shouts for Piccolo to use his second Makankosappo. Raditz is too weak from Gohan's blow to break out of Goku's hold.

Piccolo is nearly ready for another blast, but he asks Goku why he didn't grab Raditz's tail. Goku figures that, if push comes to shove, Raditz would just cut his tail off. Raditz is stunned that Goku saw through his tactic.

"I'm going to die together with you!" Goku chuckles.
"Y-You're WHAT?! Are you out of your mind?!"
"This is the only way there is to defeat you!"

Piccolo isn't arguing.

Raditz begs Goku to spare him, swearing that he'll leave their planet in peace. But Goku isn't hearing anything of it. To protect his son, Goku doesn't mind dying. After all, there are still the Dragon Balls to bring him back to life.

At last, the Makankosappo is done.

Son Goku and Raditz fall to the Earth, broken. Raditz cursing Goku and Piccolo to hell, and Goku laughing. Raditz can hardly believe that "Kakarotto" would give his life to kill him. But Piccolo laughs in Raditz's face, explaining about the Dragon Balls. Raditz is surprised, but grateful. He tells Piccolo that everything which has occurred during their battle has been transmitted from his Scouter to his companions deep in space. Now the other Saiyans know about the Dragon Balls as well, and Raditz is confident that it will be he that is brought back to life... one year from now, when they arrive.

Somewhere in deep space...
"That miserable Raditz... He's dead." Says Nappa.
"He's pathetic! I mean, really, for him to be killed by someone with a battle power just a bit more than a thousand!" Spits Vegeta.
"What should we do? Put this planet on hold and go there?"
"They mentioned something... interesting, didn't they? 'Dragon balls'... or something."
"Yeah. It sounds like they can grant any wish."
"All right then. Let's go."
"We're going to bring Raditz back to life, right?"
"Don't make jokes! We don't need that good-for-nothing any more!"
"We won't ever grow any older, but instead have eternal youth. How does that sound? If that were so, we could enjoy fighting forever!" Vegeta smirks.
"I get you. That would be great!" Grins Nappa.

Back on Earth, Kuririn, Muten Roshi, and Bulma have arrived on the battle field. Piccolo is the only one standing, Gohan is unconscious but unhurt, and Goku is gasping his last breaths. Goku smiles, thankful for Gohan's safety, and that Chichi won't chew him out.

"K--Kuririn... this dying stuff... it's pretty nasty, ain't it?"
"You might say that. But what are you saying, Goku?! Don't give up! This isn't like you!"
"T-this time... it doesn't look... so good for me."
"Don't worry! We'll bring you back to life right away!"
Goku chuckles. "I'm counting on it..."

And Son Goku, the greatest champion the world has ever known, dies.

"Everything else aside, Kakarotto's son's battle power was unusually high, compared to Saiyan children." Vegeta remarks, as the two Saiyans prepare to depart for Earth.
"It could have been some mistake, couldn't it?" Nappa wonders.
"No, there's no mistake. Raditz's did actually take a great deal of damage from that kid's strike. Apparently, when our blood is mixed with an Earthling's, it results in a hybrid with mighty power."
"Hmph!" Nappa chuckles. "A Super Saiyan, you mean?"
"I get it. If we were to produce those guys one after another, then once again Saiyan rule would no longer be a dream."
"You've got to be kidding! Just watch those guys grow and gain even greater power for themselves. Then it would be our positions that are in danger."
"That would be true." Nappa concedes.
"In any case, we will exterminate everyone on Earth."

And the Saiyan warriors, Vegeta and Nappa, set off for their year long journey toward the planet Earth. And its greatest protector, Son Goku, is dead.

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