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Dragon Ball Z ep 6 - Even Yama-sama is Surprised--The Fight Continues in the Next World

Goku's body has vanished from the field of battle, and Piccolo assures the others that it is Kami-sama's doing. With only a year to prepare for the arrival of the Saiyans, time is of the essence.

Bulma snaps, "I wonder where Yamcha and the others have gone off to?!"
"You were the one who chased him away, weren't you?" Kuririn quips.

(Meanwhile, Yamcha is back at his dirty apartment in Metro West, polishing off a 30 pack of Keystone Light by himself, singing along hoarsely to the Queen's "Love of my Life", weeping over a picture of him and Bulma at the Mid-Air Amusement Park. In the picture, she's mad at him. It is the only picture she ever took with him.)

Wondering how best to find Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu, Bulma asks how Raditz was able to find Goku so easily. Piccolo explains about his Scouter, so Bulma makes Kuririn retrieve it from his corpse. She fiddles with it for a bit, then cracks it open, looking at the circuitry. She's pretty sure she can fix it, and use it to find the others! With that in mind, Kuririn agrees to search for the Dragon Balls and wish Goku back very soon. Muten Roshi suggests they head back to Kame House for now. But Piccolo has other plans for Son Gohan.

"I'm going to be taking charge of Son Goku's kid." Piccolo says flatly.
"You're kidding right?! What do you plan to do with him?!" Kuririn shouts. "I know what it is! You're planning to eat him, huh?!"

Piccolo explains that Gohan is the best hope they have for defeating the Saiyans. Only if properly trained, however. The others think it would be best to discuss this with Chichi first... but then Piccolo threatens to kill them if they fight him on this. As such, Piccolo takes Gohan, and tells them to let Goku know that he'll meet him in a year's time.

Of course, they regulate Kuririn to give Chichi the bad news.
"Kuririn, go on over there and explain the situation to Chichi for us." Muten Roshi delegates.
"She appears to be an education-minded-mama, so you're going to get killed for sure." Says Bulma.

Meanwhile, Chichi is fantasizing about all the things that could go wrong if Goku and his friends teach Gohan the martial arts.
 "If he goes learnin' the martial arts, before long he'll get kicked on the chin or somethin', and he'll get himself thrown into the ocean!"
 "And then -- and then, a man eater will catch his scent!"
 "Or perhaps, he'll drift ashore to some uninhabited island!"
 "He'll get hungry, and as he's tryin' to grab some bananas, he'll get bitten by a snake, and then the poison will circulate to his brain, and then... and then... after his mind has gone numb, what will we do?!"
Gyumao just wanted to bring his grandson some presents.

Other World, the plain of the afterlife.

"...and that is why I have brought him here as flesh and blood, to ask that he be allowed to train. If you please, Great King Yama-sama, allow him to call on Kaio-sama." Kami-sama pleads.
"Son Goku, huh? Indeed, his achievements have been outstanding." Says Yama-sama.

In order to prepare for the coming Saiyans, Kami has brought Goku to the realm of the dead - the Other World, or Next World - with his body intact. Kami hopes that Goku will run down Serpentine Road (which is roughly 1 million kilos long - and only King Yama has made it across in the last billion years) and meet and train with Kaio-sama, lord of all Kami in the universe. Yama doesn't object.

"Oi! Just a little bit before me, did a guy named Raditz wash up here?" Goku asks Yama.
"N-now look here!" Kami snaps, "You need to say, 'did he come through?'!"
"He was here, all right. He was your brother, huh?" Says Yama. "He's now hell-bound, of course."
"Didn't he raise a commotion?"
"He did, he did! He did raise a commotion, but I put him down!" Yama beams.
"Eeeehhh?! You sure are strong, huh? You took care of somebody that awesome?"
"Maybe I should get Pops here to train me?!"
"Shh, you voice is too loud. You shouldn't be addressing Yama-sama in that tone!"
"Keep quiet. Kaio-sama is even stronger."

With everything sorted, Goku leaves Kami to take Serpentine Road to Kaio-sama, so that he might defeat the mighty Saiyans in one year!

"I ain't sure what's going on, but anyhow, I'll go see this Kaio-sama guy!"

Elsewhere, Gohan has been awoken by Piccolo. He's not happy. Piccolo angrily scoops the bawling Gohan out of the water, then bellows that if he doesn't stop crying, he'll snap his neck. As Gohan forces himself to remain calm, Piccolo explains the situation to him: His father is dead, and he has a year to learn to wield his strength against the Saiyans. But Gohan says he doesn't have any strength! So Piccolo demonstrates.

As Piccolo approaches Gohan, he thinks, 'I have mixed feelings about this. Here I am about to raise someone who could turn out to be my most fearsome opponent in the future.' But Gohan is beginning to realize that he does have power, though he can hardly comprehend it.

"I'm going to drill into you the way to fight, and turn you into the greatest warrior ever. You got that?" Piccolo commands Gohan.
"But I don't want to learn to be a martial artist. I want to be a great scholar."
"So become one." Piccolo smirks. "Just do it after we've defeated the two Saiyans who will be coming in a year. They're planning to exterminate every person on Earth. If they do that, your future's not going to be worth crap, is it?"

Father and son's year of intense training begins now!!

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