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Dragon Ball Z ep 7 - Survival With Dinosaurs! Gohan's Harsh Training

"W-what should I do to train?" Gohan asks, biting back tears.
"To begin with, you don't need to do anything." Piccolo says. "Just live."
"Right. Try surviving all by yourself without anything happening to you. If you can survive without incident for six months, I'll teach you how to fight."

Gohan isn't happy about this news: What will he eat? What will he drink? How will he bathe? How will he study? Where will he sleep? How will he not die of loneliness? Piccolo, harsh as ever, doesn't care. Either Gohan survive on his own for six months, or he isn't worth Piccolo's time. And if Gohan should try to escape, the area around his training ground is covered in vast deserts, which will kill him as sure as the Saiyans if he doesn't get stronger. "If you have to blame something, then blame your own fate. The way I do." Piccolo says, then flies away from Gohan... for the next six months.

Atop Kami's Temple in the Heavenly Realm, Kami and Mr. Popo mull over Piccolo's actions in training the child of Son Goku. Kami has been aware that Piccolo's heart has changed - he is not the Piccolo Daimao of old. When someone was killed by Piccolo Daimao and his minions, their spirits could not find rest. Raditz, however, was sent directly to the Other World after dying by Piccolo's hand. 

"Perhaps he realizes it too. My life -- and thus, Piccolo's life has only one more year left in it."
"One more year?" Says Mr. Popo, puzzled.
"Whether it is because Piccolo will be killed by the Saiyans that are to arrive in another year, or whether it is because that is when my lifespan will run out, I do not know. My death means death for Piccolo, and Piccolo's death means death for me" Kami chuckles. "Even being Kami, it is not a pleasant thing to know the time when one's death will come.  He has to be sensing it too. Maybe he just wants to leave something of himself behind, even if it is to Son Goku's son."

 Gohan isn't adjusting to his new life very well.

Unlike his son, Goku is having a good time of his training. Running down Serpentine Road, Goku chuckles to himself about how strong his boy really is! Then he gets an idea! Hey, he doesn't have to run the whole road! He can just jump from platform to platform!!

One misstep, however, and Goku is nearly grabbed by spectral hands and dragged to Hell! Thinking better of it, Goku resolves to run the entire road. Ah well, nice try, Goku!

 Meanwhile, Gohan makes to relieve himself on a rock.
 Seemingly attracted by the sent of urine, a dinosaur appears behind him.
 Gohan isn't happy.
 The Pee-Rex (giddit?) chases him across the plains, Gohan screaming his head off for help. But there's no one left to help him but himself! He trips and falls, and Pee-Rex makes for the kill...!
In his moment of fury, Gohan Zanzokens atop a mountain!
But now he can't get down!! 

Kuririn has arrived at the Son Household in Mt. Paozu, and is greeted by a cheerful Gyumao and a Chichi who is worried sick about her baby. Kuririn doesn't have the heart to tell them that Goku is dead and they won't see Gohan for a year, because he's been kidnapped by Piccolo to train to fight Saiyans... so instead, he opts to remain quiet while Chichi makes them dinner.

In a tavern in the Other World, Uranai Baba sits down to have a drink with the Oni who took Goku to Serpent Road. He relays Goku's message that he doesn't want to be wished back for a year, when the Saiyans arrive, so Baba makes note to tell her brother Muten Roshi. To herself, Baba wonders how Goku could possibly want to get even stronger... not yet knowing about the Saiyans.

"Apples! Some apples fell down! How lucky!"
Having not figured a way down from his high perch, Gohan was beginning to go hungry, when a miraculous pair of apples arrived by him!
"Yuck! They're sour!"
"Dirty brat! Give me trouble, will you? ...This is the last time I lend you a hand. From here on out, if you're unable to survive, then that's all your worth as a kid." Piccolo says to himself, acting as Gohan's reluctant guardian angel.

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