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Dragon Ball Z ep 8 - A Great Transformation on a Moonlit Night! The Secret of Gohan's Power

Gohan sleeps atop the mountain where he had transported himself to in a moment of high emotion, and now cannot get down from. Tears streak down his cheeks as he calls quietly for his mother.

The next day, Kuririn returns to Kame House, having not told Chichi or Gyumao about what has happened to Goku and Gohan. Furthermore, he forgot to get the two Dragon Balls Goku had stashed at his place. Bulma gives him a pretty firm talking to (pictured above). Muten Roshi decides it'll be best if he writes them a letter, instead of trying to tell them directly. Kuririn is unquestionably relieved.

Chichi has other plans.

Bulma has at last finished her modifications of Raditz's Scouter. Kuririn and Muten Roshi are taking a nap at the time, so she wakes them up as any normal person would; With machine gun spray.

"I've changed the display numbers to make them easier to understand."
"Let's see... 139." Bulma reads out.
"139? I'm not as young as that!" Says a confused Muten Roshi.

As hinted by Raditz, the Scouter produces a number which represents a fighter's strength. Of course, the Saiyans find it uncommon for Battle Powers to fluctuate during battle - something that the fighters of Earth do fairly commonly. You would think that if the Earthlings have such an easy time of it, the strongest warriors in the universe would have had some inkling of how ki actually worked. If you don't understand how ki works on even a fundamental level, how can you be expected to understand and construct a technology that reads based on ki? Or maybe it factors in something else entirely? I'm sure they're 100% accurate, regardless. When has a piece of technology ever not been accurate? There's surely some calculation or aura algorithm that makes it all work. So by all means, we should all go on with our daily activities of arguing about the merits of characters based on an arbitrary number assigned to them as a plot device. 

Because that's really what Dragon Ball Z is all about. Numbers.

Anyway, it turns out that Kuririn's arbitrary number Power Level website hits cock size Battle Power is higher than Muten Roshi's, which seriously bums the old master out.

"Oi! OI! OOOOI!!!" Bellows a voice from outside Kame House.
"Who's out here calling to us so strangely?"
"It's me." Says Yajirobe.
"You're that guy who was at Karin-sama's place, as I recall! Armadillo!"
"That's YAJIROBE! Ya dumb bastard!"

Yajirobe brings them news from Karin-sama himself. Kuririn, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yajirobe are each to report to Karin Tower, so that they can be sent to the Heavenly Realm to train under Kami-sama. By the same token, he tells them that Goku doesn't want to be wished back until the Saiyans arrive, as he'll be doing special training in Other World - Uranai Baba will flesh out the details later. With that Yajirobe leaves, unenthusiastic at the prospect of fighting space aliens.

As he drives away, they think they see him turn around and come back. But it's a different plane. It's...

"I haven't written their letter yet!" Muten Roshi laments.

Chichi demands to know where her boy is, and so Muten Roshi quietly whispers the truth: He's been taken for training under Piccolo. Chichi wails at the thought of her son kidnapped by Piccolo Daimao. Gyumao asks about Goku, and Roshi chuckles and nervously says he died. Chichi passes out.

In Other World, Goku is still running.

Day has turned into night, and Gohan still hasn't found a way down from his high perch. He tries to make friends with a squirrel by feeding it the scraps of his apple core, but it wants nothing to do with him. It races down the mountain side, showing Gohan the proper way down - purely on accident. Gohan tries to work up the courage to follow, but chickens out in the end. He calls for his parents, until he realizes how bright it is out tonight...

He's never seen the full moon before.
 Wait... full... moon?
 Awww, fuck.

("My sentiments exactly." -Piccolo)

Oozaru Gohan has been born, and his unharnessed power explodes from him. Piccolo figures that, at this rate, the Earth will be wiped out before the Saiyans even arrive! 

That's when Piccolo recalls Raditz telling Goku about the Saiyans' true power only coming out during a full moon. So with no other option, Piccolo explodes the moon.

("No big deal, I did that ages ago." -Roshi)

With Gohan back to his normal self, Piccolo rips Gohan's tail out, removing his only weakness as a Saiyan. He doesn't wish to imagine what a Saiyan like Raditz would be like after seeing a full moon, and now he needn't worry about it. Before Piccolo leaves for his own training, he equips Gohan with a sword and dogi like his father's - though with the Demon Clan's "Ma" kanji, the mark of Piccolo Daimao, is embroidered in place of Goku's "Kame" kanji.

Father and son sleep, though their training resumes tomorrow!!

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