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Dragon Ball Z: Return My Gohan!! (DBZ Movie 1)

While training in the wilderness in preparation for his next conflict with Son Goku, Piccolo is attacked by a group of mysterious fighters... who are led by a mysterious overlord.

"Piccolo has been beaten. Was it Son Goku? No, it couldn't have been..." The color drains from Kami-sama's face.
"I-it couldn't be...!!"

Gohan concludes his morning studies as his mother, Chichi, calls for him to come in for lunch. Over the horizon comes Gyumao, Gohan's grandfather, bearing gifts for his beloved grandson. Chichi smiles as Gohan happily greets her father. The scene is of utter tranquility. 

And then, so suddenly Chichi believes him to be playing around, Gyumao is stunned. Packages drop from his arms, and his massive form collapses onto the ground.

 "Who- Who are you? What do you want with us?!" Chichi demands.
"I've come for the Dragon Ball on top of that kid's head."

But not without a fight.

Gyumao and Chichi are easily defeated by the same trio who beat Piccolo. Though Chichi and Gyumao shout for Gohan to run, he is kidnapped by the deadly force. The Dragon Ball in their possession, they retreat, thinking themselves victorious.

(Maybe putting a Dragon Ball on your infant son's head was a bad idea?)

But they forgot about one thing.
Son Goku.

Introducing Garlic Jr., the master behind the trio.

To take his revenge against Kami, Garlic had his minions utterly beat Piccolo. And with the Dragon Balls soon to be his, he will use Shen Long to wish for Eternal Life. "Even Kami will die, but I will become everlastingly immortal!" But Gohan - who has been taken prisoner by Garlic Jr - shouts that his dad won't let him! He's the strongest man in the world, after all! Garlic's minions brag that they, too, defeated Piccolo. Garlic, however, is more concerned by the extraordinary power in Gohan. He decides to keep the boy, and train him as his own.

At Kame House, Goku discovers where Gohan has been taken.

(I guess in the alternate universe this movie takes place it, Goku lost Turbo's Dragon Radar.)

Back at Garlic Jr's place, this happens.

At last, Shen Long has been summoned. And Garlic Jr. is granted Eternal Life.

"BANZAI! BANZAI!" His minions bellow.
"Give me back my Gohan!" Goku shouts.
"GIVE ME BACK MY GOHAN!" They cheer back.

Goku lands in the courtyard of Garlic Jr.'s castle, furiously stating that they hurt Gyumao and Chichi. They recognize him as Son Goku, Gohan's father. Goku doesn't particularly care who they are. A point driven home once Kami arrives.

"Kami, mind your own business!" Goku says.
"Ah, Son Goku, you're the same as ever."

Garlic smirks and welcomes Kami, and the two discuss how it has been three hundred years since they last met. Kami recalls how he and Garlic's father competed for the throne of Kami-sama all those years ago. When he was turned away, Garlic called forth all the powers of darkness to aid him in a rebellion against Kami's predecessor. Garlic's power was sealed away by the then-Kami, but his final words were that he would return to take his revenge in three hundred years. And so it has been.

"This ain't got nothing to do with me! Where's Gohan?!"

Garlic Jr's minions tell Goku that his "brat" is still asleep inside. Goku rushes into the castle to find him, but all three minions chase him inside. In order to get Gohan, he must defeat them first!!

The Three Patrons of Garlic

The Three Patrons battle Goku. Though incredibly strong, their strength is as nothing compared to Goku's determined fury to rescue his son and avenge his wife and father-in-law. He beats them into a corner, and in retaliation, Sansho and Nikki fire ki blasts at his back. But before they can touch down, a Kamehameha deflects them...!!

"You're acting pretty aloof, Goku!" Says Kuririn.

Kuririn and Piccolo have both arrived. Piccolo assures them that he is here for his own purposes, then pairs off with Sansho in a one-on-one fight. Kuririn (after getting peed on by a hung over Gohan) is told by Goku to go get Gohan, while he faces against Nikki and Ginger. And outside, Kami faces off against Garlic Jr. himself...

Goku and Piccolo prove more than capable to defeat their oppoents, while Kami is battered around the courtyard and into the castle by the superior power of Garlic Jr. Kami prepares to sacrifice himself to destroy Garlic, but he merely laughs at the old man. He can never die!!

That's when Goku and Piccolo arrive to take Garlic Jr. on themselves.
Cackling wildly, Garlic unleashes his full power!!!
 Goku and Piccolo are no match for full powered Garlic, at first. He beats them across his castle, and out into the courtyard with ease - throwing them around like ragdolls.
 So Goku and Piccolo remove their weighted clothing.
 That's when they bring the pain.

Goku and Piccolo manage to finally defeat Garlic Jr by using the combined strength of their full power. They're both simply too strong and too quick for Garlic to keep up with. With the battle over, Piccolo faces Goku and reminds him that now it is his turn... Their grudge began with the slaying of Piccolo Daimao, and the rematch at the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai ends here...

 Except that it doesn't. Garlic Jr. is truly immortal!!

Garlic Jr. unleashes the Dead Zone; a hellish vortex which sucks all life into it, dooming them to be imprisoned until their death. Goku grabs Piccolo, saving him from falling into the Dead Zone. Kami and Kuririn clutch desperately to the crumbling remains of Garlic's castle - Kuririn panicked over Gohan! But Gohan is the only person unmoved by the Dead Zone...

In raw fury, Gohan's hidden potential comes out.
 Crying out for his father, Gohan sends a powerful jolt of ki directly at Garlic Jr.
And Garlic Junior is imprisoned in his own Dead Zone, which shatters behind him.

Never to die, but never to escape.
(Until the filler episodes.)

Peace returns with the defeat of Garlic Jr., though Piccolo swears he will settle things with Goku someday soon. As Gohan wakes up, he's happy that his father saved him - unaware that it was the other way around. Goku wonders if he should tell Chichi what really happened but... he doesn't reckon she'd believe him.

He decides to tell Gohan when he's older.

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