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Dragon Ball Z ep 25 - Tenshinhan Cries Out!! This is My Final Kikoho

Chaozu died in vein. His noble sacrifice in the struggle against Nappa left the Saiyan unscathed. Piccolo, Kuririn, and Gohan watch in a panic, as Tenshinhan falls to his knees and cries out for his dearest Chaozu. Nappa chuckles, taunting our heroes as Vegeta watches in amusement. "You will definitely pay for this!!" Tenshinhan bellows, unable to contain his raw fury.

Tenshinhan cannot keep up with Nappa, no matter how hard he tries. Back at Kame House, Muten Roshi watches the exchange between Saiyan and Earthling on television, remarking how Ten is fighting purely out of determination, and nothing more. On the battle field, Kuririn can't take it any longer, and makes to enter the fray himself - but Piccolo stops him. Piccolo reckons that they'll have an opening once Nappa goes on the offensive, and that's when the three of them should combine their efforts to attack.

"That's a good strategy. I hope it goes well for you."
"You sure are confident. But you won't be able to stand there with that stupid look on your face once Son Goku arrives."

 At last, Nappa prepares to finish off Tenshinhan.
 So Piccolo and Kuririn jump into attack!
But Gohan recalls the deaths of Yamcha and Chaozu, and Ten's loss of limb, and freezes up, completely unable to launch an assault on the Saiyan who is so perfectly open to attack. In the end, he runs for cover.
 Piccolo and Kuririn try to save their strategy by firing off a Kamehameha and Bakurikimaha combo, but to no avail.
Nappa dodges easily, having regained his footing.

In the Heavenly Realm, Kami-sama informs Mr. Popo that his life will end soon. Piccolo will die.

Furious at Kuririn and Piccolo for their attacks (which were the first to actually injure the giant Saiyan), Nappa promises to end their lives first. Well, Kuririn's. He plans to keep Piccolo alive, barely, to learn about the Dragon Balls. So Piccolo and Kuririn decide to go on the offensive.

... by splitting into three fighters a piece.
(Eat your heart out, Naruto.)

Despite their efforts, Nappa takes them down and they return to their single bodies. Gohan races to Piccolo to see if he's all right, to which Piccolo slaps him away, shouting for him to return home - they don't need a coward. Piccolo and Kuririn regroup, Nappa flies at them, and the battle resumes.

Tenshinhan struggles to get up, grappling with the loss of Chaozu. "Chaozu, I will avenge you, and then I'll be coming! I won't let you be alone!!" He regains his footing. An intense ki emanates all around him.

 "This... this will be... my final..."
 "... Kikoho!!"

Tenshinhan's ferocious Kikoho, an attack so deadly that it eats up the life of its user, envelopes the Saiyan giant, shocking Kuririn and Piccolo, and even Vegeta, with its raw power.

But in the end, it wasn't enough to seriously hurt Nappa...!!

Tenshinhan falls, his heart beating no longer... the third of Earth's greatest martial artists to die today. Kuririn cries out for Goku, and Vegeta becomes intrigued. Who is this "Son Goku", he wonders. Vegeta calls for Nappa to wait, asking our heroes if Son Goku is Kakarotto. When they confirm he is, Vegeta chuckles that he's not much of an ace-in-the-hole, given how he could barely fight Raditz. But they assure Vegeta he will have gotten much, much stronger. So Vegeta decides to wait three hours for Kakarotto to arrive.

Nappa doesn't like this idea, (He calls it "lame", having really enjoyed all the fighting so far) and lunges at Kuririn and Piccolo to kill them instead. Vegeta shouts him down, and Nappa becomes timid and apologizes.

Piccolo is unnerved by Nappa's obedience to Vegeta.

If Nappa could take a Kikoho without dying... how powerful is Vegeta?! Hurry back, Son Goku!!

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