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Dragon Ball Z ep 26 - An Intense Three-Hour Delay! The Kinto Un Bullet-Express

Vegeta explains his motivation for the three-hour wait to the impatient Nappa. Kakarotto is a traitor to the Saiyan race, and they will make him pay by killing his son and friends in front of his very eyes. Nappa takes a shine to the idea, but insists he get to fight the other three, and Vegeta can have Kakarotto.

Gohan is ashamed of himself. He ran away from their perfect assault on Nappa, which resulted in Tenshinhan's death. He promises to do better, to which Piccolo tells him to leave, having no patience for cowards. Kuririn sticks up for Gohan, but Piccolo's rejection causes him to doubt himself... so he makes to walk away from the battle field.

 Nappa laughs at the downtrodden Gohan.
 Furious, Gohan makes with the trash talk...
"Your momma's belly-button sticks out!"
"That brat! H-How did you know my mommy's belly-button sticks out?!"
Vegeta gets a kick out of it.

Angry, and needing to blow off steam until the three hours are over, Nappa decides to fuck shit up.

(Nappa kills hundreds of thousands of media crewmen, soldiers, and civilians... because Gohan made fun of his mommy.)

The three hours have ended, and Nappa prepares to restart the battle. Son Goku still hasn't returned from Other World. Piccolo tells Gohan and Kuririn their one and only chance at victory; grabbing Nappa's tail. Kuririn will need to distract him with his full-power, while Piccolo grabs the Saiyan's tail. And then it is up to Gohan not to shrink, but to call forth his full strength and unleash it on the powerless Saiyan warrior. Gohan promises not to let them down. Piccolo reminds him that, when his mind is focused on it, Gohan is even stronger than him.

This is their last chance.

But hope has just arrived at the Heavenly Realm...!!
Kami-sama and Mr. Popo wish our hero good luck.
 Karin-sama gives Goku the last two Senzu Beans.
 He eats one...
 ...restoring all his energy lost traveling Serpentine Road!
 Then Goku calls for Kinto Un, and he's off like a bullet...!!
Hold out, everyone!! Son Goku is coming...!!

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