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Dragon Ball Z ep 27 - Leave It To Me! Gohan's Great Burst of Anger

Their three hours reprieve from fighting ended, and Goku still not at the battle field, Nappa takes the stage once again. Kuririn, Piccolo, and Gohan have only one card left to play: Grabbing Nappa's tail.

Kuririn distracts Nappa.
Piccolo goes for his tail.
And Gohan rushes him!!
But things don't go according to plan...

Nappa and Vegeta have long trained away their tail's weakness, as Goku did all those years ago. (Really, it says how much Raditz sucked that he never managed to do what teenage Goku did in less than three years of training.) Piccolo is unconscious from Nappa's elbow throw, but the Saiyan giant promises he won't die... Not until he tells them about the Dragon Balls, at any rate.

 As Gohan rushes to his mentor's side, Nappa takes a shine to him.
He decides a part-Saiyan will be the most fun playmate.

 Meanwhile back at Kame House, Chichi has raided Lunch's belongings.
She plans on entering the fray, Rambo style.
(Why the fuck is this filler?)

Nappa is disappointed in how little of a challenge Gohan provides for him. Indeed, without Piccolo or Tenshinhan in the fight, their seems little point in drawing it out.

 But he forgot about Kuririn...!!
 Kuririn unleashes his newest technique, the Kienzan.
 And Nappa makes to grab it.
 Vegeta bellows for Nappa to dodge, and at the last second...
 ...Nappa's life is saved.
 But he's not happy.
(Why didn't Kuririn use the Kienzan hours ago? Maybe when they had their opening as Nappa fought Tenshinhan? Kuri, I'd expect this from Yamcha, but not from you.)
(Maybe he's honoring Yamcha's memory by failing in his place...?)
 Nappa makes to finish Kuririn off in retaliation for his scar.
 ... But someone shoots him in the back with a ki blast!
"Don't you... don't you look down on Earth, Saiyan!"

But before the fighting can resume, a mysterious ki is felt by the fighters of Earth...!

"W-What ki is this?! There's an incredible ki coming this way from far off!"
"I-it's true! A-an amazing yet familiar ki!"
 "N-no doubt about it. I can feel it."

Vegeta's Scouter confirms it for he and Nappa - someone with a Battle Power as great as Nappa's is flying toward them!! And our heroes can feel that it is Son Goku! Goku, however, cannot sense all his friends and is deeply disturbed. He urges Kinto Un on!! Panicked, Vegeta tells Nappa to kill the remaining fighters immediately, including the Namekian! Given how Kakarotto has returned to life, the Dragon Balls must be a real thing. As such, they don't need Earth. They can travel to the source for their wish - the Planet Namek! But if Kakarotto is allowed to team up with his friends and son, they might not have lives left to wish Eternal!!

Gohan bellows for Piccolo to run away, for if he dies, so does Kami-sama, and so do the Dragon Balls. Gohan will take on Nappa by himself until his dad arrives!!!

("I came.")

 Nappa lunges at Gohan, cackling.
 Gohan's fury wakes up inside him.
 And Nappa gets knocked the fuck out the way.

 After pulling himself from a plateau which crumbled on top of him, the Saiyan giant furiously approaches Gohan. He doesn't want to play any longer. 
 And he throws his full powered ki at the young warrior.

Throwing himself in front of his young charge, Piccolo takes the full force of Nappa's attack...

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