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Dragon Ball Z ep 28 - Ferocity of the Saiyans! Kami-sama and Piccolo Both Die

"Run, Gohan..."

"Piccolo-san! Why did you ... save me?"
"I-I told you to get out of here... Hurry, or else..."
"Don't die! Father will be here soon to beat him for us! Please, don't die!"
"Miserable fool! My killing order might have been switched, but oh well. Either way, it will all turn out the same."
"One ki is rapidly growing smaller. I-Is somebody dying?!"
"I-it looks like my life is about to end... G-Goku didn't make it in time... However, at the end, Piccolo surpassed even me, Kami... I am so pleased..."
"What a pitiful tale... Imagine, Piccolo Daimao, of all people, protecting some kid... Nothing could be worse..."
"Gohan... you're the only one who ever spoke decent to me... This last year I spent with you wasn't bad..."
 "Don't die, G-Goha--... "

Nappa's full powered ki blast which was meant to end Gohan's life was taken by Piccolo instead. The son his Son Goku's life is spared by the final offspring of his greatest foe. Piccolo dies without regrets.

"Maybe he just wants to leave something of himself behind, even if it is to Son Goku's son."

With the death of Piccolo, so too does Kami-sama die. The Dragon Balls and Shen Long no more, Gohan loses himself to his fury. His mentor and best friend killed in front of his eyes, Gohan's Battle Power skyrockets on Vegeta's Scouter.

 Gohan launches the Masenko, an attack of the Demon Clansmen, as the last living wielder of their techniques.
But unfortunately... the Demon Clan's best is no match for the Saiyans

Back at Kame House, Uranai Baba has arrived with her crystal ball. Muten Roshi and the others decide to watch the fight on it, as the TV station was blown up by Nappa. (Nappa hates Sex and the City reruns.) Baba agrees, but as long as their pay her a viewing fee. Chichi faints at seeing her son alive on the battle field, but Bulma and the others are mortified to see Piccolo's corpse. No more Dragon Balls. Yamcha and Tenshinhan are dead for good. But someone else is at the battle. Someone who gives them hope.

 Without the energy left to flee, Gohan is at Nappa's mercy. Nappa relishes Kakarotto's face when he sees his son smashed into bits. He raises his boot, and stomps.
 But like lightning, Gohan disappears.
 Kinto Un to the rescue!! Which means...
"So you've finally shown up, eh?"

Goku has at last arrived at the battle. He sees Piccolo's corpse, and Gohan explains how Piccolo died to protect him. Goku turns to see Tenshinhan, and then Yamcha, both dead. Nappa brags that he killed another, as well. A runty one with a surprising amount of power. Goku's teeth clench and his face turns white as he realizes Chaozu is gone. (He seems especially broken up about Chaozu... were you two cheating on Ten and Chichi when everyone wasn't looking??) Goku and Kinto Un take Gohan over to where Kuririn lays, battered. With Karin-sama's final Senzu Bean, though Kuririn refuses it at first, Kuririn and Gohan's energy is restored and their hunger sated. Kuririn is ready to reenter the fray, with Goku by his side. But Goku plans to fight the Saiyans by himself...

 "What's with that look on your face? I don't like it! Eheheh, is that how badly you want me to effortlessly kill you?"
"You're going to pay for this!!"
 Furiously, Goku powers up.
 And apparently, his Battle Power is really high.
 Like, really, really high.
Like... SO fucking high.

 Nappa lunges at Goku, unafraid of his Battle Power.
 But Goku is too quick for him.
 Goku mocks Nappa, remarking that he isn't very strong.
 Incensed, Nappa flies into a flurry of kicks and punchs; all of which Goku dodges easily. 
"That punch just now was for Chaozu."
(Guys, I think Goku was in love with Chaozu.)

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