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Dragon Ball Z ep 29 - Father is Awesome! Kaio-ken, the Ultimate Finishing Technique

 "This is for Yamcha!"

Goku proceeds to thrash Nappa, shouting out his attacks for Chaozu, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo in turn. Nappa tries to fight back with a massive ki attack, but Goku uses a Kiai to blow it away. Nappa is incensed, blinded by fury, until Vegeta shouts that he'll not be able to beat an opponent like Kakarotto without focusing.

 Heeding Vegeta's advice, Nappa powers up...!!
 Kuririn and Gohan can hardly believe how much power the Saiyan giant had in reserve.
... He's still no match for Son Goku!!

Goku smiles at Nappa, "Whoo! This is a lot better, ain't it?" "This is a lot better, huh?" Nappa spits back furiously. "I'm going to put a stop to that irritatingly smart mouth of yours!"

 Nappa's most powerful finishing attack, his mouth blast!!
 Realizing he's in trouble, Goku charges a Kamehameha and counters!

Though Goku survives without a scratch (impressing Vegeta), he's more concerned that Nappa took no damage from his Kamehameha! Nappa is enraged, however, that a weakling like Kakarotto could stand up to a Saiyan Elite's most powerful move! Vegeta shouts down Nappa, informing him that he'll take over the fighting from now on. Nappa isn't happy about it, but smirks as he tells Goku that he won't survive against the Saiyan so gifted as to receive the very name of Planet Vegeta as his own.

Prince Vegeta is ready to enter the fray.

But Nappa has one last desperate bid for revenge!
The simultaneous murder of Kuririn and Gohan!!

Kaio-sama's greatest technique, the Kaio-ken, is unleashed by Goku when he realizes he'll have no other chance at rescuing Kuririn and Gohan. It's a technique which amplifies its user's ki several fold, increasing their strength, speed, and power if used correctly. The draw back is that it is deadly to its user's body if used too recklessly. As such, Kaio made Goku understand he's only to use up to Kaio-ken x2.

Goku throws the (temporarily?) paralyzed Nappa at Vegeta's feet, and tells them to leave the planet at once.

Vegeta opts to do something slightly more drastic.

He blows up Nappa.
(How did Raditz and Nappa live so long under Vegeta? This is the second time in four hours he's blown up one of his allies. Perhaps there were actually a TON of Saiyans who survived Planet Vegeta, but Vegeta keeps blowing them up because he's an asshole.)

Goku sends Kuririn and Gohan back to Kame House, promising to return alive and take Gohan fishing. Kuririn requests that he take the fight with Vegeta elsewhere, so that Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo's bodies won't be harmed in the fighting. Though the Dragon Balls are gone, Kuririn has an idea how their friends might come back to life, but doesn't want to explain himself until after the fighting. 

The final battle for the Planet Earth is upon us at last!!!

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