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Dragon Ball Z ep 30 - A Hot, Unbounded Battle! Goku vs. Vegeta

Gohan initially hesitates to leave his father alone to fight against Vegeta. Kuririn comforts Gohan, telling him not to worry about Goku, but to think about his mother. With Chichi in mind, Gohan and Kuririn turn toward Kame House, leaving Son Goku to fight the Saiyan Prince Vegeta.

"You should be thrilled." Says Vegeta, after he and Goku land in the desert wasteland Goku has chosen for their new battle ground. "A lower-class warrior such as yourself is about to be toyed around with by a super elite, after all. Saiyans have their warrior ratings examined right after they are born. When they do, the scum that have lower ratings, such as yourself, are sent off to planets that do not have terribly formidable opponents. In other words... you were left behind."

"And as a result, I was sent to Earth here? I should be thankful. But what's more, even one left behind might be able to overcome an elite, if he works hard enough." Goku says, smirking.

"An amusing joke." Vegeta chuckles. "Now then, allow me to show you a barrier that you cannot overcome, no matter how hard you try!!"

Vegeta is unimpressed by Goku, citing that he had more power when he defeated Nappa. Goku can tell that Vegeta isn't using the full extent of his power, and yet his abilities far surpass his own! There's only one solution, Goku reckons: The Kaio-ken!

The Kaio-ken x1, which utterly decimated Nappa, isn't enough to leave a mark on Vegeta! "Even though I'm in trouble, I'm starting to get excited." Goku says to himself, as he rethinks his strategy.

 But this time, it's Vegeta's turn to power up...
 Lunch, who is far away mourning Tenshinhan can feel Vegeta's power.
...As it is shaking the very Earth itself!!

Even with Kaio-ken x2, Goku cannot keep up with Vegeta's full power! Goku has no other options. Even if it wrecks his body, he'll have to go beyond Kaio-ken x2... into x3!!

(Goku lost his shirt, take a shot.)
 Yajirobe watches fearful from the sidelines.
 Kaio-sama is concerned that Goku is using more than x2, and that he may not win the fight without destroying his own body.
 Bulma's Scouter, taken from Raditz, explodes as it reads Goku's ki!
 Gohan stops dead, feeling his father's ki rise extraordinarily!
 Son Goku's Kaio-ken x3 is unleashed!! What is in store for Vegeta now?!

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