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Dragon Ball Z ep 32 - Battle Power x10!! Vegeta's Great Transformation

Gohan and Kuririn pause on their way to Kame House when they see Vegeta's artificial moon in the sky. From that direction, they can feel Vegeta's tremendous ki. As an Oozaru, Saiyan Battle Powers are increased ten fold. So although Vegeta used up a lot of ki to make the artificial moon, it's paying him back in spades. Unable to leave Goku to his fate alone, Gohan resolves to return to the battle field. Kuririn, reluctantly, joins him.

Despite his large size, Oozaru Vegeta has no trouble keeping up with Son Goku. Goku is helpless. Nothing offensive or defensive will work, even if he managed to pull off a Kaio-ken x5. His only chance is the Genki Dama, but he'll need an opportunity to form it. Somehow, he has to get away from Vegeta!!

But as Vegeta brags about the Oozaru's prowess, Goku makes a startling discovery...!

The monster that comes out during the full moon... the monster that killed his grandfather Son Gohan, wrecked Castle Pilaf, and busted up the Tenka-ichi Budokai... he's that monster.

With perhaps moments left to live, Goku promises that when he dies, he will find his grandfather in Other World and apologize.

Goku's only chance for victory now is a technique of Tenshinhan's!
 The Taiyoken!!
 Blinded by his own artificial moon, Goku can escape from Vegeta!
 He flies off a good distance, and begins to call for the Genki of all living creatures of Earth. 
The Earth's final hope in his palm!!
 ... But before he can throw the Genki Dama, Vegeta blasts him away!!
 And then crushes his legs!
 And prepares to finish him by smashing his heart...!
 But he's interrupted by Goku's "weasel's last fart".
(I know it rhymed, but that's also what Goku called it.)

Furious at Goku for scarring his face, Vegeta scoops him up and begins to squeeze the life out of him!!! What hope left is there for our hero now?! (Should have flown further away after using Taiyoken, Son Derpku.)

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