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Dragon Ball Z ep 33 - Don't Die, Father!! This is the Depth of Gohan's Power

Gohan and Kuririn race back to the battle field, determined to save Goku from his fate against the monstrous Oozaru Vegeta. As they approach, Kuririn catches sight of Vegeta's transformation and is stricken with horror! The beast that Goku once turned into before his eyes at the 21st Tenka-ichi Budokai, now, in the flesh... only this time, it's Vegeta!!

They run into Yajirobe, who warns them against facing Vegeta. But Kuririn knows Oozaru's weakness thanks to Yamcha (take that in, because that's the last time I will say "Thanks to Yamcha" on this blog without a hint of sarcasm) - they have to cut off the tail! Kuririn tells Gohan and Yajirobe to distract Vegeta, while he removes his tail with a Kienzan!!

 Vegeta taunts young Gohan, saying that he's come to watch his father die.
 But while he's not looking, Kuririn fires off his Kienzan!
 ... which Vegeta dodges!
 But he doesn't dodge Yajirobe, who slices off his tail!!
And Vegeta is brought back to normal.

This does little for their chances, however.

"What's the matter? Isn't a Super Saiyan supposed to be strong?"
As Chichi watches the fight on Uranai Baba's crystal ball, her tone has changed. She wants Gohan to fight! To avenge his fallen father!

But he cannot. Vegeta thrashes on the young warrior, after kicking Kuririn aside. "I suppose that the son of scum is still scum." He taunts. "How about I at least let you die next to your father? I'll be kind." 

"G-Gohan... Gohan, can you hear me? Gohan, your daddy's whole body is a mess. I can't move anymore. Fight in my place. His power should have dropped considerably." Goku begs of his young son.
"I can't, dad! He's too strong! I can't beat him!" 
"You don't have to beat him up... just keep him distracted... Your power should be more incredible than his... even more... While you're doing that, I'll have Kuririn finish him off..."
"I can't! I can't move anymore!'
"You stupid jackass! Do you want everyone else's deaths to be in vain?! What did Piccolo teach you?! I'm counting on you, Gohan..."

Vegeta cackles as he announces his new kill order. First Kakarotto, then Kakarotto's son, then the bald guy, and finally the guy who cut off his tail. But he made a critical mistake... He attacked Gohan's father first.

 As Gohan distracts Vegeta, as planned, Goku gives Kuririn the weapon to win.
 The remains of his Genki Dama from earlier... 
 ... and remarkably, Kuririn can control it...!!

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