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Dragon Ball Z ep 34 - Shoot, Kuririn! The Genki Dama, Packed with Hope

 Gohan and Vegeta duke it out midair,
 as Goku gives Kuririn the Genki Dama to finish Vegeta once and for all.
 Kaio-sama contacts Kuririn telepathically, teaching him how to aim the Genki Dama at Vegeta's evil ki, and informs him that the sake of all humanity rests on his shoulders.
 No pressure.
(Mr. Announcerman is there too.)
 Vegeta proves more than a match for our young hero.
 Having watched the exchange between Goku and Kuririn, and frantically seeing Vegeta school Gohan, Yajirobe bellows for Kuririn to hurry up and throw his attack!
 "THAT FOOL!!" Kuririn shouts, having been given away to Vegeta.
 Thanks to Yajirobe's dumbfuckery, Vegeta dodges the Genki Dama...!!
 Yeah. That's all on you.
 But Goku calls out to Gohan telepathically, and tells him to bounce back the Genki Dama...!!! If Gohan's soul possesses no evil, it will not hurt him!
 Trusting his father... Gohan bounces it back!!!

The proud Saiyan Prince is launched into the sky, riding the Genki of all planet earth.

 Meanwhile, Karin-sama has arrived at Kame House.

Uranai Baba's crystal ball broke before they could see the outcome of the battle. As such, Bulma offers to take Chichi and the others to the battle field in her airship. Muten Roshi is tries to teach Bulma respect when Karin-sama deigns to backseat drive, but Bulma reckons he's just a regular cat. (Also, Oolong's hands are down his pants in that screencap.)

 Our heroes bask in their hard won victory, when Vegeta's body falls back to Earth.
 Kuririn decides to dig a grave.
... and Vegeta asks if it's for himself...!!

Vegeta isn't happy. He stands back up, having been thoroughly battered by the Genki Dama. But he promises he has enough power left to kill scum like them! He cracks Kuririn across the throat, sending him down to the ground, coughing up blood. Then he stands in the middle of our heroes... and unleashes the remainder of his ki in an explosion!

 Spoiler: His remaining ki isn't a whole lot.

As Vegeta collects himself, realizing how weak he has become, determined to kill them before he passes out, something happens that he did not expect.

Something that could make things very bad for him, indeed.

 Son Gohan's tail has regrown!
 And Vegeta's own artificial moon still remains!

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