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Dragon Ball Z ep 36 - We're Off Into Space! The Star of Hope is Piccolo's Homeland

Goku, Kuririn, Gohan, Yajirobe, and even the deadly Vegeta lick their wounds after the battle against the Saiyan invasion. With the fight at last ended, Muten Roshi, Karin-sama, Bulma, and Chichi arrive in Bulma's airship to take our heroes home.

 But Chichi has eyes for only one of Earth's champions.
Son Gohan, whose Oozaru transformation defeated Vegeta.
Much to Kuririn's chagrin, Chichi blames Goku for the whole ordeal, and won't see to his health. Yajirobe later asks if he can punch her.
But Bulma and Muten Roshi see to Goku.

Bulma lashes out at Yajirobe for hiding while the others fought, lamenting that he survived and Piccolo did not. With Piccolo dead, Shen Long cannot bring Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and more importantly to Bulma, Yamcha back to life.

As they collect their fallen friends' bodies, Muten Roshi curses himself for not being stronger, for not being able to help.

But Kuririn doesn't think they should give up hope yet. It's a long shot, but he has an idea that just might work.

 The home world of Kami-sama... Planet Namek!

According to Vegeta, the Namekians of Namek, the world where Vegeta said Piccolo was from, have the power to create things like the Dragon Balls, which is where Kami inherited his power from. Were they to go to Namek, another set of Dragon Balls might be waiting for them... and with those, they could wish back Piccolo and Kami, thus enabling Shen Long to return once again!

Bulma thinks it's a naive idea. How do they even know where Namek IS???

 That's where Kaio-sama comes in, with directions.

Though Namek's population was nearly wiped out a long time ago, Kaio can sense at least 100 Namekians have repopulated the planet. Yajirobe doesn't like the idea of 100 Piccolos, but Kaio informs him that they would be like Kami - as Namekians are gentle in nature. Indeed, it was Earth which created Piccolo Daimao in Kami's heart...

Bulma does some calculations with the directions given by Kaio, and comes to the conclusion that in a modern spaceship it would take them 4,339 years to reach Planet Namek.

But Kuririn isn't worried about that. They don't need a modern spaceship.

They have Nappa's!!

With hope in their hearts, set a course to Planet Namek, Piccolo's homeworld!!!

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