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Dragon Ball Z ep 37 - Mysterious Yunzabit! The Search for Kami-sama's Spaceship

Son Goku, the man who defeated Piccolo Daimao, single-handedly brought down the Red Ribbon Army, twice runner-up and champion of the Tenka-ichi Budokai, student of the god of master arts, god, and god's god, and the most powerful man on Planet Earth, has one weakness... Hospitals. He screams and cries in agony as the nurses do something as simple as change his bandages. That's not to say how he feels when they show him a needle... So unnerved by his cries, Kuririn and Gohan decide to sneak out out the hospital.

But Chichi and Muten Roshi won't stand for it.

It turns out that Kuririn and Gohan's injuries are fairly light, thanks to the half Senzu Bean given to them, so they'll only need to be in the hospital for three days. Goku, on the other hand, will need to stay and be monitored for four months, and might never move the same again. Karin-sama assures him that in a month he'll have new Senzu, so he shouldn't worry.

Now they need only prepare for the journey to Planet Namek!

 The World Government has procured Nappa's spaceship, so Bulma decides to have fun with the news team by using the control pad found by Kuririn to take it from them on live television.
 But instead she blows it up.

With Nappa's space pod destroyed, there seems to be no chance at our heroes getting to Namek! (She really is Yamcha's girlfriend...)

Mr. Popo thinks he has a spaceship they can use. But he isn't sure. Bulma isn't too comfortable around Kami-sama's assistant, but Kuririn insists only she could tell if Popo's spaceship is one or not.

("His eyes... they're so... beautiful...!")
(I ship Polma.)
(You know what they say; Once you go black, you break up with Yamcha.)

Popo and Bulma take the magic carpet to Yunzabit Heights, the remote location where Kami spent his youth. His strange, mysterious house, which looks more like an insect than a home, is all that remains.

Kami spent 30 odd years waiting for his parents, with nothing but his home and a letter telling him they would join him soon. He had no memories of them, and assumed he had injured his head and forgotten. When his parents never came, Kami left Yunzabit Heights, though he would later return to see if anything had changed. It hadn't. Mr. Popo, having overheard Kaio-sama's conversation with the others, pieced the story together. Kami's house was his spaceship.

"Piccolo" is the word needed to open and close the ship's door, which is Namekian for "Another World" (Piccolo Daimao is the Demon King from Another World, according to Bulma). Bulma and Popo soon figure out that the entire ship is controlled using the Namekian language ("Safety belts" means "Toilet", "Complicated" means "Time for bed"... those are a few things Bulma learns in her haste to figure out the Namekian ship). Bulma suggests they try to fly it to Jupiter as a test, and Mr. Popo commands it of the ship.

 And sure enough... it works! In a matter of moments, they arrive at Jupiter!
It is only a matter of time before Kami and the others are returned to life now!!

Plus: Easter eggs I found.
Hospital is named for Sun Wukong, and Shen is a patient at the hospital.

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