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Dragon Ball Z ep 38 - Blast-off for Planet Namek! The Terror Awaiting Gohan and Co.

At Capsule Corp. House in Metro West,  
 Dr. Brief, Bulma, and a team of scientists (and Tama!) work on restoring Kami-sama's spaceship.
 Bulma calls up Kuririn with the great news about her and Mr. Popo's trip to Jupiter.
(omg that is the cutest Bulma hair + outfit combo ever!! *fangirl squee*)

 Back at W. Kong Hospital, the Son family reunite for the first time in nearly a year.
 While Chichi dotes on Gohan, Son Goku couldn't be prouder of his boy.

And his influence clearly shows. When Chichi steps out, and Goku and Kuririn have fallen asleep (adorably, Kuririn falls asleep with his pillow laying against Goku's hospital bed apparatus), Gohan sneaks out of the room for some emergency pull ups...

 Though Piccolo is dead, Gohan is determined to keep his training regiment.
 Later, when Chichi finds him, Gohan pretends to have been studying the whole time. It's a nice day, after all, he tells his mom. (Smooth move, kiddo.) Chichi frustratingly wonders WHO he could be taking after.
His daddies, obviously.

Bulma arrives at the hospital, along with the others, to discuss leaving for Namek. With Kami's spaceship in working order, they can leave in only a few days. And it should only take a month to get there! But there's a hiccup - Mr. Popo doesn't want to go.

So Bulma is drafted to learn Namekian and fly into space.

But Bulma refuses to go by herself.
 Yajirobe says he absolutely won't go.
And Karin reminds him that no one wants him to go.
 Muten Roshi thinks being alone with Bulma for a month would be great!
(Bulma isn't having it...)
So Kuririn gets recruited. And Goku is totally jelly.

Gohan, however, speaks up at last. He wishes to go as well. Chichi chuckles, thinking he's joking. But Gohan isn't joking. When Chichi begins to shout in protest, over all the school he's missed, and the year of stress she's already been through, Gohan bellows for her to be quiet...!! Everyone else fought and died to defeat the Saiyans!!! Gohan owes them nothing less than to bring them back to life! He wants to be the one to wish Piccolo back to life!

Gyumao steps in, placing a hand on his daughter's shoulder. He settles the argument by saying that Gohan has won, and it is best to let him go willingly.

The team to fly into space for Planet Namek is chosen! Son Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma!!

Later in the evening, when everyone has left, and Chichi has gone to find water for Gohan...

"Hit me." Goku says simply.
"All right!"
"Don't hold back! Hit me as hard as you can!"
"Good. If you can hit that hard, you'll be fine, Gohan. You'll do a great job standing in for me."

Ten days later, at Kame House...

Our heroes gather for takeoff. Bulma isn't pleased for some reason, but our heroes say their fair-wells to Gyumao, Chichi, Muten Roshi, and Umigame, and then board Kami's spaceship.

 And Bulma gives them all of 5 seconds to buckle before she leaves for Namek.

After leaving the atmosphere, Gohan reveals the Piccolo dogi he kept secret from his mom. 
 And Bulma reveals why she's upset: After all she went through in preparation to head into space, their casual attitudes are making her feel stupid.

Planet Namek or bust!!

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