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Dragon Ball Z ep 39 - Friends or Foes? Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship

 Seven days have passed since launch, and Bulma is bored out of her mind.
 So she spends her days complaining, making a mess, and sexually frustrating Kuririn by running around in her panties. 
Gohan and Kuririn pass the time by "Image Training", which is a sort of meditative trance they do so they can practice their skills... I think?

Meanwhile, Muten Roshi has retaken his role as Son Goku's teacher.
Later a nurse comes in to chew them out for training, so Roshi grabs her butt. (Logical.) This earns him the nickname Grandpa Glad-hands, which he isn't too thrilled about.
(Why isn't Goku Image Training too? Wouldn't that make more sense than hurting his body?)

On the roof of W. Kong Hospital, Chichi watches the sky, wishing Gohan would write to her.
(A mother who loves her son, guys. Such a bitch.)

Aboard Kami-sama's spaceship, 20-odd days away from Planet Namek, Bulma wonders aloud about Vegeta. Where could he be going to have his injuries treated? She recalls Raditz mentioning that the Saiyans sold planets to other aliens. Perhaps one of those aliens' planets...?

 Out of nowhere, our heroes are attacked by a star fleet!!
 Luckily, Kami's ship is equipped with self defense mechanisms...
 ... which far outstrip the power of the space cruisers!
 But just as our heroes escape danger... another ship exactly like their own is headed for a collision course with Kami's ship!
 It turns out, however, to have been an entirely different space ship entirely, which used a reflective, mirror-like surface to trap potential enemy shuttles.
 Aboard the space station, our heroes search for life, and in the process escape many booby-traps.

And finally, they find life on the space station.
 Or it finds them...

A room full of armed children coming out of every corner, with their weapons drawn on our heroes. What is going on with this space station...??? 

Elsewhere, deep in space, Vegeta swears his revenge on Kakarotto!!

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