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Dragon Ball Z ep 40 - Honest to Goodness. There Lies Namek, Planet of Hope

Aboard the mysteriously mirrored space station, our heroes Bulma, Gohan, and Kuririn are captured at gun point by a gang of hard-faced children. Their leaders - two older boys named Zeshin and Bun - seem to have no problem killing them if they step out of line, calling them "invaders". But despite their puffery, neither boy is eager to pull the trigger. Before a decision can be drawn however, the ship flies into than asteroid field! With nothing else to do for it, our heroes jump into action.

Gohan and Kuririn rescue children from falling debris. 
 And then assist in putting out the fires begun in the engine rooms.
 Despite her protesting their assisting of the gun-wielding children, Bulma takes control of the cruiser and navigates them to safety.

Bun still cannot trust them. In spite of their help, he thinks they're working for Freeza - the man who sent his minions to invade and take over their home planet. Zeshin disagrees, recalling how Freeza's minions showed no mercy, and attacked without warning. Catching the look in Gohan's eyes, Bun at last agrees with him. These people mean them no harm. So they explain the tragic tale of their home world to their guests...

Their parents were slaughtered by Freeza's men. And the of the children who escaped, only those who boarded the mirror-clad vessel managed to survive. Freeza's men were cold, conquering the planet while telling the inhabitants that they should feel honored. Kuririn asks if the men had tails, and Zeshin and Bun say they did not. So if not Saiyans then... who?

The space orphans see our heroes off, and give them a short cut to Planet Namek. With that, it's back into space!

 Deep in space, at one of Freeza's planets...
 ... Vegeta's arrival signal is noticed by two guardsmen.
 But with no Nappa, and Vegeta on life support, Freeza's men are hard pressed to figure out what happened to the Saiyans on Earth.

 Kuririn and Gohan get worried when Kami-sama's spaceship begins to rock violently in space.
 Bulma lazily tells them there's nothing to worry about - that's just space travel.
"Excuse me, but that's not how space works..."
 When their "space turbulence" comes to an end, Planet Namek is seemingly in sight! Could their journey to the planet of hope finally be at its end?!

Back on Earth, Goku is being treated by his doctor.

He isn't thrilled about the needle.

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