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Dragon Ball Z ep 41 - Kind-Hearted Aliens - There's the Five Star Ball Already

 The team have at last reached Planet Namek, and ahead of schedule to boot!
 Their landing is less than well executed.

Kuririn has doubts about whether or not they've reached Namek at all. Bulma frustratingly calls him a skeptic, and Gohan calls for peace by suggesting they look at the Dragon Radar to confirm. (Good call, toddler.)

 And then they plummet to their doom.

Luckily, two friendly Namekians are there to put more quarters in the machine rescue our heroes! Dr. Lychee (not to be confused with the other Dr. Raichi) and his friend Zakuro welcome the Earthlings with open arms, apparently understanding their entire situation: The Dragon Balls, the Saiyans, the dead Kami, and the rest of it! Wow, how convenient! That definitely won't turn out badly!

Lychee and Zakuro are two cool whiskey drinking, cigar smoking motherfuckers.

Not only do they know everything and are super nice, they offer to fix repair their ship AND help them find the Dragon Balls! For free! Man oh man this planet keeps getting better!
Lychee flies them around in his planet cruiser, "goku".
Isn't that neat? What friendly guys!

With Lychee's help, they find the five star ball,
the four star ball,
and with a little help from SCUBA GOHAN
(like father, like son)
the one star ball is found too!
But Bulma isn't without her suspicions...
(Way to confide in the five year old and not the grown ass man, Bulma.)

I'm sure everything will work out juuuuuuuuuuust fine.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is slowly beginning to regain consciousness. And the first thoughts in his head are of Son Goku.
("... Now take off your top, Kakarotto... that's it... nice and slowly... Upup! Don't forget to show some nipple... Eheh... eheheheh... eheheheheheh.")

Back at W. Kong Hospital, Chichi is punching and shouting at Goku for being such a bad patient.
"Hey, is that for me?"

Also in this episode, Pee-Rex's cousin.
Space Rex.

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