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Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest Guy (DBZ Movie 2)

Oolong and Gohan were playing around Kame House, messing with Bulma's Dragon Radar, when they noticed some Dragon Balls had come together. Within no time it seemed four were gathered. Then five. Then six. The pair left for where the balls were gathering, Oolong hoping to once again wish for girls' panties. But when they arrived in the northern Tsurumai Tsuburi Mountains, Shen Long has already been summoned.

An old scientist, Dr. Kochin, wishes for his partner, Dr. Uiro, and their laboratory to become unfrozen. A simple wish, the eternal ice melts away, and the formidable laboratory is uncovered. As Gohan and Oolong watch in amazement, strange bio-genetic servants of Dr. Kochin attack them. They shout "THEY SAW!" as the beat Gohan down with ease. But unlucky for them, Piccolo just happened to be in the neighborhood.

Piccolo dispatches of the fiends easily. But as he turns to his student and a very frightened Oolong, a strange energy overtakes him and sends the other two crumbling into a shaft in the mountain side.

When Oolong and Gohan regain consciousness, Oolong makes Gohan swear to tell no one of their journey for the last three days. Gohan agrees, but only because his mother doesn't like it when he talks to Piccolo.

 Back at the Son House.

Chichi chews out Goku for not taking more interest in where Gohan has been for the last three days, and how it effects his studies. Goku doesn't care. As long as Gohan's body is strong, Goku thinks the rest is just extra.

Then this happens.

DBZ movies are better when they have Gohan drug sequences.

"I think Gohan-chan is smoking mushrooms."
"No more Lady Gaga for that boy, it is turning him gay."
"Maybe I should have breast fed him longer."
"I think Goku-sa wants his num-nums."
"I love Chichi's num-nums!"

Meanwhile at Kame House, Oolong is forced to cook the dinner as punishment for stealing the Dragon Radar. (Hey Yamcha fans - I know at least two of you read this blog - how does it feel to know Oolong is more important to the DBZ movies than Yamcha? Bet that stings, don't it?)

Outside Kame House, Dr. Kochin and his minions have arrived, seeking an audience with Muten Roshi, on behalf of Dr. Uiro. Roshi tells them he's never heard of Uiro, and that they should leave. The minions attack.
 And Muten Roshi deposes of them easily.
 But Dr. Kochin is determined to have Roshi as his guest,
 going so far as to kidnap Bulma!
 Having hidden away, Oolong seeks out Naked Goku.

Oolong and Gohan tell Goku all about where they were for three days, and about the strange old man and his minions who wished for the mountains to melt, and who then kidnapped Roshi and Bulma. Goku calls Kinto Un and heads up north to rescue his old master.

 Gohan attempts to leave too, but Chichi catches him...
"Uh, I gotta pee?"
"Bathroom's inside."

 Muten Roshi is brought into an arena.
 There, he is introduced to Dr. Kochin's Bio-Warriors.
Mitso so-n-so, Green Guy, and Muscle Jerk.
 In order to prove that Muten Roshi is the strongest fighter under the heavens, Kochin sends his bio-fighters against him!
 "Kame... hame..."

But the old master proves no match for the technologically enhanced warriors. Dr. Kochin is disappointed - isn't Muten Roshi supposed to be the strongest martial artist in the world? He's even won the Tenka-ichi Budokai before! Bulma scoffs, remarking how Muten Roshi was outclassed long ago, and that now the strongest fighter in the world is Son Goku!

Dr. Uiro is intrigued.

Dr. Uiro, who is a floating brain in a jar, is hoping to gain access to the strongest body in the world, so that he may combine with his brain - the most intelligent brain in the world. He will make himself the perfect champion to rule over the world which rejected his science.

Long again, Dr. Uiro and Dr. Kochin were buried under the snow and ice which swarmed the Tsurumai Tsuburi Mountains, the world (including Bulma who read of them in a history book - taking the role of Hermione in this movie) thinking the mad scientists dead. Punished for their crimes against the natural world. But they managed to survive, and now seek their revenge by turning forests into wastelands. All this plot establishing them as truly bad guys out of the way, the real movie can start.

Goku uses the Kaio-ken to rapidly dispose of Dr. Uiro's genetic henchmen. Kuririn and Gohan attempt to aid him, but mostly just get in the way. Now it's on to Dr. Uiro himself.

Dr. Uiro tries to capture Goku the same way he did Piccolo, but it fails against our hero's strength.
That's when he unveils Piccolo...
... who has been taken over by Kochin's bio-technology...!!
Furious, Gohan attacks Uiro and Kochin, freeing Piccolo and Bulma!
And then Kochin pulls out his Gatling Gun arm.
And Roshi smashes it. Like a boss.

Tired of playing around, Dr. Uiro elects to enter the fray himself.
 Dr. Uiro mechanical body.
 And so the masters and students prepare for battle!!
 Piccolo is smacked away quickly,
 so the Kame School prepares a triple Kamehameha!!
("Kame School MINUS Yamcha, you mean." No, I know what I said.)
 But it isn't enough to defeat him!!
 Gohan tries to fight Uiro with Nyoi-bo, but is beaten quickly.
 With no other options, Goku uses a Kaio-ken x4 Kamehameha...!!
 But Dr. Uiro survives, and prepares to destroy the earth from above.
 Gohan, Kuririn, and Piccolo raise into the upper atmosphere to face off with him.
 While Goku summons the Genki Dama!
 And that's all she wrote...!!

With the earth once again at peace, Bulma goes back to mocking Muten Roshi for being a lecturing old man.

Meanwhile, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu start a petition online to get themselves in more movies.

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