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Dragon Ball Z ep 42 - Planet Freeza No. 79 -- Vegeta Recovers!!

Somewhere deep in space, on the tyrant Freeza's 79th Headquarters planet...
 ... his body still wrecked from the battle of Earth ...
"Kaka... rotto..."
Prince Vegeta moans our hero's Saiyan name.
(In obvious sexual attraction.)

Back on Planet Earth, at W. Kong Hospital,
a patient has left his wife asleep by his bedside, his carefully knitted sweater in her hands,
... so that he might train for his next encounter with Vegeta.

Bulma, Kuririn, and Gohan already have three Dragon Balls from Planet Namek. Today they're joined by Zarkuro, one of the two Namekians, who guides them into the Namekian Desert where the next ball is said to be hidden. But the ball has been swept up by a dangerous sand storm! And according to Zarkuro, such storms never dissipate on Namek!

 So Kuririn decides to throw a Kienzan at it.
If you've never watched Dragon Ball Z before, you won't realize just how frustrating it is to see Kuririn's most powerful technique regulated to filler. And how dumb it is to toss a flying, cutting disc at a fucking cloud of dirt.
 When Bulma shouts down Kuririn's idea as dumb, Gohan jumps into the storm, like a boss, and recovers the Dragon Ball. Because two seasoned adventurers in their mid 20s should definitely be repeatedly out-smarted by a fucking toddler.
 Later they find themselves in a strange forest.
 Only it isn't a forest, it's a bird made out of forest.
 They leap from the bird to the castle below,
 ... wherein they meet a giant and steal his Dragon Ball.
 When the giant tries to retaliate against the dickheads who just stole his shit,
 Kuririn throws a Kienzan through his belly.
Because that's what you do. You break into someone's home, take their possessions, and then murder them in cold blood.
 And then they escape on the giant's toy airplane.
(Why does he have a toy airplane?)
 But for some reason, with five Dragon Balls down, Kuririn can't help but feel there's something... strange... about Planet Namek.
(No kidding. Why did that giant have a toy airplane?)

Back on Earth, Goku tries to train through his injuries, but his body is simply too damaged.  
And on Planet Freeza No. 79 (wait for it) -- Vegeta Recovers!

("Very good. I see my penis is still in working order?")
("Yes, your Highness. And what a lovely penis it truly is.")

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