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Dragon Ball Z ep 43 - The Dragon Balls are All Found! Piccolo-san Will Also Come Back to Life

Kuririn, Bulma, and Gohan's search for the last Dragon Balls of Planet Namek continues when they find the sixth ball trapped within a block of ice. Gohan and Kuririn melt it very slowly, so as not to cause the frozen cave to collapse. Strangely, Zarkuro is no where to be seen.

 However, as soon as they obtain the ball, the ground shatters beneath them!
 Luckily, Kuririn uses a Kamehameha to get them rolling in the right direction.
 And they Indiana Jones their way the fuck out.

As they come upon the next, and final Dragon Ball, Kuririn can't help but feel uneasy. He thinks they've been in this forest before, when they saw Pee-Rex's cousin (Space Rex), yet they saw no Dragon Ball then. Exactly what is going on with is planet? Why has everything been so... easy?

They come upon a lake which houses the final ball, according to Bulma's Dragon Radar. Eager to see Piccolo brought back to life, Gohan merrily skips from stone to stone on the lake. But then he's frozen still, and slowly lifts off into the air. He calls for Kuririn's help, but then Bulma screams.

 Lychee and Zarkuro return.
 ... and they aren't Namekians.
 ... and they aren't even on Planet Namek.

 Gohan and Kuririn are attacked by Squidmen as the fiendish Lychee and Zarkuro cackle. What exactly is going on here? And why were those Space Orphans such dicks as to send them here?

Back on Earth, Goku attempts to train his broken body.
 But he simply hasn't the strength to perform the Kaioken or the Genki Dama.
 He's found by Chichi and Muten Roshi, having passed out, and brought back to W. Kong Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, on Planet Freeza 79, Vegeta has fully recovered, although his doctor is surprised he could take so much damage on Earth. The doctor relays a message that Kewie, another of Freeza's men, wishes to have words with him. It turns out that Kewie and Vegeta have quite a history.

 "Aww, shit, if I ain'ts Veggie, c'min' back here wit' his tail between his leg. Oh right. Ya ain't gots a tail no mo'."
 "Your lips are racist."

Kewie taunts Vegeta over the deaths of Raditz and Nappa, and his own condition after heading to Earth. Freeza is evidently displeased with Vegeta for going to Earth without permission, but has forgiven him in exchange for the valuable information Vegeta gathered. 

That's right. Freeza knows about the Dragon Balls via the Saiyans' Scouters. 

And he's left for Planet Namek already.

The race to the Dragon Balls is on!!

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