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Dragon Ball Z ep 44 - A Tough New Enemy! Freeza, Emperor of the Universe

Gohan and Kuririn have been captured by vile Squidmen monsters, as Lychee and Zarkuro reveal themselves, and the planet, to be an illusionary farce planted in their minds by the dastardly duo. They swoop the Dragon Radar from Bulma, and explain how they'll be going after the Dragon Balls themselves - and in Kami-sama's space ship! It turns out that Lychee and Zarkuro have been trapped on this vile rock for a very long time, and they fooled our heroes until the fog preventing escape from the gaseous planet shifted to allow their escape.

 They used mind reading to discover all they could about Earth and Namek.
But wouldn't it have been so much easier to kill them?

As Lychee and Zarkuro leave for the space ship, Kuririn cries out for Bulma to go after them. She does, given that the other two are utterly helpless to do anything. Wait, did I say utterly helpless? What I meant to say was; Gohan uses his ki to wrap the Squidmens' tentacles around each other and creates a whirlpool launching he and Kuririn free from their bonds. Y'know, the five year old. Who does everything in this group.

 And not a moment too soon, as Bulma gets herself in too deep.

 And then it's out of the gaseous clouds and back on course for Namek!

34 days have passed by since the trio departed from Earth, and at last they've arrived on Planet Namek. Kami's spaceship lands pleasantly on the surface of its homeworld. And Bulma excitedly begins checking atmospheric pressure, oxygen levels, and all that stuff Kuririn and Gohan don't care about.

Gohan remarks how similar the environment is to the place where Piccolo trained him. Kuririn recalls the area, as it is where they fought Nappa, and reckons it must be instinctively appealing to the Namekian. Bulma isn't initially pleased with their reckless behavior, given what they just escaped from, but her mood changes once she checks the Dragon Radar. Seven Dragon Balls. Four are already together. Score!!

But Gohan isn't so sure. He feels an intense ki. A lot of intense ki. Kuririn focuses as well, and they agree that these kis feel... evil. Bulma reassures them of Kaio-sama's word that the Namekians are peaceful, and that they needn't worry, when...

 Vegeta's spaceship touches down on Planet Namek.

Our heroes curse their luck!! Vegeta's already recovered, and he's come for the Dragon Balls. Kuririn over takes leadership in the crisis, telling Bulma to call Earth and tell them the situation, then return to Earth immediately and bring them Son Goku!! He and Gohan will stay, and hell or high water, with the Dragon Radar at their side, get those Dragon Balls...!!

I mean, it's only a two month round trip!
Two months aren't that long, right?!

Oh yeah and then another "Saiyan" space pod shows up.
So now that have that to worry about too.

Spoiler alert:
It's Kewie.

Having at last come to Planet Namek, Vegeta is eager to head off his now-former employer, Freeza. He is confident he can take on each of Freeza's men one-on-one, but doubts he'd last in a fight against The Don himself. He takes out his Scouter, cursing that he need rely on it again, and checks out the planet. Freeza has brought Zarbon and Dodoria, it appears - his two most trusted men.

Introducing Freeza.
The gangster who controls the universe.
And his two made men, Dodoria and Zarbon.

The shit, my fine ladies and gentlemen, has just become real.

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