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Dragon Ball Z ep 45 - Vegeta's Ambition! I am the Greatest Warrior in the Universe!!

After struggling through space orphans, space turbulence, fake Namekians, and a gaseous planetoid, our heroes have finally arrived on the true Planet Namek. But already things bode ill for the trio of Kuririn, Bulma, and Son Gohan. Vegeta has arrived on the planet, fully recovered, and eager to find the Dragon Balls to see his own twisted schemes come to fruition. And behind Vegeta, Kewie has come to Namek, pursing the Saiyan Prince by the order of Freeza, the space godfather.

Kuririn wonders if they might be better suited to return to Earth with Bulma, and come back to Namek to use the Dragon Balls another time. Bulma reminds Kuririn that Vegeta could always destroy the Namekian Shen Long, as Piccolo Daimao did on Earth. Kuririn then reminds Bulma that he was dead when that happened, and that she's an insensitive brat. Gohan privately thinks they should fuck already, because the sexual tension is starting to give him gray hairs.

Freeza has three more Dragon Balls to obtain, and then his wish for eternal life can be granted. He reminds his men, Zarbon and Dodoria, to keep a tight grip on their balls (lol) because Vegeta will be aiming to snatch them by any means. Zarbon says that Kewie is pursing him, and that given their rivalry and nearly equal strength, Vegeta will not escape unscathed. Zarbon also mentions the other two large Battle Powers that appeared and then quickly disappeared, and that two scouts have been sent to check it out...

Though the scouts manage to destroy Kami-sama's spaceship (crippling any chance at escape), Gohan and Kuririn easily dispatch the two Generic Freeza Minions (G.F.M.). Bulma isn't happy about the situation. Kuririn and Gohan are optimistic though, figuring that the Namekians can just repair the ship for them. So with their ki masked, the trio walk from the wreckage of their ship, aiming to find shelter to hide from the Saiyan Vegeta, and the mysterious strong guys who wear the same armor as him.

Elsewhere, Kewie and Vegeta talk shit over their Scouters.
 "Y'know wut Imma do to you when I find ya, Veggie?"
 "Enlighten me."
"Ya ever hurd of a Scoop 'n Bloop?"
 "Can't say that I have."
"Okay, so, it's wurr I take mah nuts in mah hand, righ? Scoopin' up. Then I slap ya across tha face wit em, righ? Bloopin' down. And dats a Scoop 'n Bloop."

Back on Earth,
 a bored and still hospitalized Goku entertains himself by playing with water.
 Until Chichi comes in and breaks his concentration.
 She laments him not taking his injuries more seriously.
And then wonders if Gohan is washing his hair properly.

Back to Namek, Kewie shows Vegeta his Kewie Punch!
 Awwwww, yeeeeaaauuuuh!
 Kewie is confident that he can defeat Vegeta, given how their Scouters indicate Vegeta has been slacking off.
 But Vegeta hasn't. He's been on the front lines. And learned how to control his ki at will.

Dodoria and Zarbon cannot believe the readings they're getting from Vegeta. Zarbon's Scouter, an older model, explodes from the spike in Vegeta's Battle Power. But Freeza assures them that, were the two of them to gang up on Vegeta, they could take him easily. Besides, as Freeza notes, Vegeta's main goal is to usurp his own role as strongest in the universe. And for that, Vegeta will need to be much, much stronger...

 Kewie has changed his mind. He wants to team up with Vegeta.
 "Ah, Freeza-sama!"
 Except not really.
 "Did you miss me?"
 "I guess not!"
 "Scooped and blooped."

With Kewie dead, Vegeta stops to have a monologue about how he'll get the Dragon Balls from Freeza, gain eternal life, and become the ruler of the universe.
 "Sir, Vegeta is having a monologue in that direction."
"Shut up, G.F.M."

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