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Dragon Ball Z ep 46 - Goku's Power Unleashed!! Six Days to the Ends of the Galaxy

The plot thickens for our heroes, as Freeza and his space gangsters fly past the cave they have found for shelter. Their kis are incredible, with Freeza's ki reading to Gohan and Kuririn as something in a universe far beyond Vegeta. Assuming by their armor that they're Vegeta's allies, Kuririn has Bulma check the Dragon Radar. Four Dragon Balls. They already have four Dragon Balls. There's nothing else for it; Bulma will contact Earth and update them on the situation, while Kuririn and Gohan try and find a way to steal those Dragon Balls...!!

In the Dragon World, you can instantaneously send radio signal billions of lightyears away and have a telephone conversations in real time. The cordless phone, however, eludes them.

 Muten Roshi explains the situation to Son Goku.
Vegeta is on Namek, and so is someone even stronger than Vegeta.
 Just then, Yajirobe arrives with a bag full of Deus Ex Machina, 
 and our hero is back in action!

Better still, it looks like Kaio-sama sent over some new dogi and Dr. Brief had agreed to rebuild the space pod Goku arrived on Earth in as a child. Wow, all in the same day? What a coincidence! So it's off on Kinto Un to find Capsule Corp. House, and set off for Planet Namek!!

 "Oh, there goes my husband, leaving me again."
"I guess it's time to break out the Rabbit."

 At Capsule Corp. House, Panty Brief happily hugs on her favorite big handsome Goku-chan, and asks him out on a date (I'm thinking she and Doc Brief are swingers). Goku says he has to beat up Vegeta first.

Dr. Brief has completely rebuilt Goku's space pod from the ground up! It'll only take him six days to get to Planet Namek in this baby - plus, he can train using an artificial gravity device, which can apply up to 100x Earth's gravity... err... somehow.

Dr. Brief's only issue is where to install the stereo speakers! After all, it's important to have a great sounding stereo for such a long trip!

 Goku opts out of the speakers.

Meanwhile, on Namek, Kuririn and Gohan watch as Freeza, Zarbon, and Dodoria raid another Namekian village for their Dragon Ball...

 Introducing Elder Muri, Dende, and Cargo.

The ultimate battle for the universe is fast approaching...!!!

(And by fast approaching, I mean in like, 30 more episodes.)

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