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Dragon Ball Z ep 47 - Surprise Attack!! The Elder's Target was the Scouters

Kuririn and Gohan watch helplessly as Freeza and his goons harass the people of a small Namekian tribe. Gohan wonders if the men are Saiyans, but Kuririn doesn't think so; Gohan and his father aside, Vegeta is supposed to be the last Saiyan in the universe (if you exclude Tarble, Tullece, Broly, Paragus, and a dimension-hopping Bardock, sure).

 Kuririn recalls the words of Raditz, describing how Saiyans conquer planets by commission of other aliens.
Well friends, meet Freeza, the universe's ultimate land shark.

Despite the Elder Muri's protests to the contrary, Freeza is aware that each village has its own Dragon Ball. He met a rather stubborn village elder early in their tour of Namek, whom told him each elder will only give their Dragon Ball to a person with worthy goals; should every elder approve, that person will get to summon the Dragon God. Of course, Freeza only came about this information when he started killing the younger members of that elder's tribe. So, he asks of Muri, shall he kill some of them as well?

Vegeta eavesdrops on his Scouter, a safe distance away.

Impatient with Muri's obstinance, Freeza sends in his right-hand man, the androgynous Zarbon, to demonstrate that he means business.

Incensed with fury, Son Gohan nearly gives away their position on Dodoria's Scouter when his ki - as it so often does during moments of high tension - begins to rise on its own. Kuririn pleas with him to control his emotions, lest they be found out. (Because five-year-olds usually listen to reasoned arguments.)

The younger, adult Namekians of the tribe fly onto the scene, spectacularly distracting Dodoria from Gohan's momentary spike in Battle Power. Having been working the fields, the youthful, Piccolo-like Namekians aren't surprised to see Freeza and his men. Indeed, they've heard rumors of someone attacking the villages for their Dragon Balls. (Heard rumors from whom, exactly? The Namekian TMZ?) Dodoria snickers at them, stating their rather low Battle Powers to the others. They all have a good laugh.

The last laugh most of them will ever have.

 ("Let's shoot in all directions! That's bound to hit SOMEONE.")

Zarbon shouts for Dodoria to check his Scouter again, and they discover that these Namekians can control their Battle Power at will! Kuririn thinks that it was obvious they were suppressing their ki, but then recalls that even the Saiyans were surprised by such a skill.

Let me take a moment to impress upon you, the reader, what this means. Earthling ki control is something all-but unique to the universe at large - or at the very least, in the realm of Freeza's influence. This means that human masters such as Muten Roshi have vastly superior control over their own essence and fighting potential than the more naturally powerful races and beings in the universe. Indeed, someone who truly mastered ki, and passed that knowledge onto his students, is directly responsible for the Earthling's victory against the Saiyans, and their trump card against the forces of Freeza.

Ergo, Mutaito is the coolest character in all of Dragon Ball.

And deep in space, Master Mutaito's final student (due to a fluke of time traveling) Son Goku is retraining himself the very basics in 20x normal gravity. Otherwise he has no hope of mastering the upper levels of the Kaio-ken, and thus no chance at defeating Vegeta... or Freeza.

Back on Planet Namek, Elder Muri has figured out the functionality of the Scouters. Though Namek is a vast world, with very few pockets of civilization, the Scouters enable Freeza and his men to locate and read the ki of everyone on the planet - thus discover where the Dragon Balls are likely to be held! Realizing this, Muri asks Dende and Cargo to get behind him...

 Big bro's got some work to do.
 "He was targeting the Scouters!!!"

All their Scouters destroyed, Dodoria launches at the village elder in a fury!! And all Kuririn and Gohan can do is watch, horrified!!

(I'd just like to point out that Elder Muri should be a playable character in every DBZ fighting game. Holy fuck, he is such a boss.)

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