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Dragon Ball Z ep 48 - Gohan in Peril! A Pursuing Dodoria Summons Death

Elder Muri has destroyed all the Scouters remaining to Freeza and his forces. Dodoria launches furiously at the elderly Namekian, intent to make him pay for their lost technology - and the key to their finding the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek. But Freeza shouts him down, ordering him to take out the younger Namekian warriors first. Dodoria is delighted to do so.

With nothing else for it, Muri is forced to retrieve the Dragon Ball for Freeza.

Muri makes Freeza give his word not to harm the children, Dende and Cargo, and he will do as asked. Freeza suggests he should have cooperated sooner, and it might never have come to this. After handing over the fifth Dragon Ball, Muri is made one more request by Freeza; Reveal to him where the other remaining villages with Dragon Balls are located, as an apology for destroying their Scouters. At this, Muri refuses. Dodoria takes matters into his own hands.

 He slaughters Muri and Cargo in an instant, and leaps for Dende.
 But Son Gohan has seen enough.
 "Who the hell are YOU?!"

But before Gohan can fight Dodoria properly, Kuririn lands, grabs Dende, and shouts for Gohan to fly away - and quickly!!

Utilizing Tenshinhan's Taiyoken, Kuririn stuns Dodoria long enough so that the three of them can get away. And without Scouters, there is no way to find them again, without their knowing before hand.

(Shame he didn't think to use the Taiyoken a minute earlier. They could have saved Muri, Cargo, all three warriors, and stolen the Dragon Balls in one go. Ah well, hindsight is 20/20, especially when you have the sun in your eyes.)

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