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Dragon Ball Z ep 49 - Dodoria Dies by Explosion! Vegeta's Fearsome Shockwave

I love when Dragon Ball Z episode titles spoil the ending of the episode for you.

Dodoria is unable to find Kuririn, Gohan, and Dende, thanks to a combination of the Taiyo-ken, and Elder Muri's destruction of the Scouters. So Dodoria opts to end the search the good ol' fashioned way; by blowing up everything around himLuckily, Dodoria is pretty dumb and flies off without searching for bodies.

 Dende thanks our heroes for saving them.
("Don't thank me." Says Kuririn. "I was going to let you die.")

Back in the cave, Bulma has set up a Capsule House and treats herself to a relaxing bubble bath while complaining about her situation to Dr. Brief. Dr. Brief casually mentions that Goku will be there in six days. 
 Bulma's ovaries explode.

 Deep in space, Son Goku is disappointed by the amount of food in his fridge.

Dodoria doesn't manage to fly far before he's knocked out of the air by none other than Vegeta. They shit talk for a bit. 

 "Your momma's so fat, she's regularly mistaken for a UFO."
 "Your mother's dead."

Pleased to hear that all their Scouters have been destroyed, Vegeta wrecks his own.

Dodoria can't believe he'd do such a thing, until Vegeta explains how Kakarotto and the Earthlings could sense ki without a device. And if they could do it, so could he. Evidently, he has mastered the skill. Also, he's crazy more powerful than Dodoria now, due to Saiyans growing even stronger every time they fight a powerful opponent (aka Saiyan hax), so decides to kill him while he's separated from Zarbon and Freeza.

But Dodoria (or Dildoria as I call him, because he looks like a big pink dildo) doesn't want to die. In exchange for his life, he offers Vegeta secret information about his home world, Planet Vegeta.

Individually, Saiyans posed no threat of ever overtaking Freeza. But banded together, they might have become a real nuisance. As stronger and stronger fighters, such as the young Prince Vegeta, were born onto the Saiyans, Freeza decided it would be prudent to destroy all of them. But Vegeta was spared Freeza's wrath, as the horn-headed galactic gangster had taken a liking to the prince. So it wasn't a meteor which ended the Planet Vegeta, nor its "Kami"; it was Freeza-sama himself.

 But Vegeta's not mad about that.
 His friends, family, race - fuck 'em, he says.
 What he's mad about?
 Being forced to serve Freeza all his life.
 And with that, another one bites the proverbial dust.

The truth is now revealed - Freeza's greatest fear is the unlimited potential of the Saiyan race...!

"I don't care about my family, my planet, or my nakama."
"What did you just say...?"

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