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Dragon Ball Z ep 50 - Escape from a Burning Planet!! A Life-or-Death Kamehameha

With Dodoria dead, Vegeta is confident it is only a matter of time before he, Vegeta-sama, will have taken possession of the Dragon Balls. Without Scouters, Freeza and Zarbon are helpless to track Vegeta's movements around Namek. (Though it makes you wonder, wouldn't you have back up Scouters on your spaceship? Or better yet, built-in Scouter systems? Probably better not to think too hard about it.) But something about Dodoria's words have him concerned - Earthlings, on Namek? Now that he thinks about it, he can feel two powerful kis flying away from where he just fought Dodoria. He decides to check them out.

Kuririn, Gohan, and Dende hide once our heroes sense Vegeta's ki approaching them. They're shocked and horrified to see that Vegeta can now, seemingly, sense ki without the help of a Scouter! Though Kuririn and Gohan can suppress their ki so low as to mask their presence entirely, it's a skill Dende does not possess. As Vegeta flies toward their hiding place, they have no choice but to fight...


Frustrated that he didn't keep his Scouter, as he's still not very skilled at sensing ki, Vegeta decides that ki he must have felt was that whale. (As you know, Whales are the most fierce predators of Planet Namek.) Ignoring Dodoria's suspicions entirely, and conveniently, he flies off for another batch of powerful kis - another Namekian village. Gohan Co. make their way back to the cave where Bulma is hiding in the Capsule house, with a renewed pessimism. 

 But the usually dower Bulma is in a wonderful mood!
 Son Goku will be arriving on Namek, she tells them...
 ... in six days!!


 Goku pushes it to the limit at 20Gs, when Dr. Brief contacts him.

Goku's spaceship has been damaged, and unless the damage is repaired, he'll hurl off course into a star! Dr. Brief gives Goku a space suit and a repair kit, and walks him through the process. (Plus Puar, Tama, and Oolong cameos.)

And then Goku slips off into the vacuum that is space. 
Thankfully, his lifeline saves him. 
 Goku repairs the damage, but only manages to get himself glued to the spaceship's surface.
 As he struggles to free himself, he accidentally glues his other foot too.
 (Unknown to all but some film historians, Son Goku acted briefly as the fourth Stooge.)
 Determined not to die by flaming star, Goku fires of a powerful Kamehameha!!
 His course corrects itself, and Goku is back on track for Planet Namek! Better yet, Goku witnesses the results of 20Gs training. With renewed optimism, Goku decides to turn up his training to 30Gs!

But back on Planet Namek... 

Vegeta finds the last remaining Namekian village, where the sixth Dragon Ball is held. But when the village Elder refuses to hand his Dragon Ball over to Vegeta, he begins to kill off the Namekian people... with a bang!

Hurry, Goku! Somebody needs to punch Vegeta in the face!

Somebody besides you, Luffy.

(I swear when I finish Dragon Blog I'm going to make Blog Piece.)

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