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Dragon Ball Z ep 51 - Courage Times One Hundred! The Warriors Gathered Under Kaio

Kuririn, Bulma, and Gohan enjoy a meal after their long day. Kuririn tries to convince Dende to eat as well, but it turns out that Namekians only drink water. (Somebody needs to tell Piccolo Daimao and Piano.) Kuririn asks about the vegetables the Namekians were cultivating - if not for food, why?

 Dende explains how the Ajissa trees once inhabited all of Namek...
 until the cataclysm came.

All of life on Namek was wiped out, save the Grand Elder. (And Kami-sama, who was sent to Earth.)

Dende introduces himself properly to the others, but before they can tell him their own names in kind, Gohan and Kuririn feel a disturbance in the force dangerous shift in the planet's kis. They sense that Vegeta has found, and is slaughtering, the last Namekian village.

Vegeta uses Earth Bending to take out several Namekian Warriors.
 (Toph is unimpressed.)

Kuririn curses that he didn't kill Vegeta when he had the chance. Whether or not Vegeta is or isn't in league with Freeza is irrelevant; He can now sense ki, so the Earthlings will have to be extra cautious when moving around Namek for the next five and a half days. Dende cries for them to please save his planet, and wishes to know how they know about the Dragon Balls. They explain about Kami-sama, Piccolo, and Shen Long. Dende decides to take them to the final Dragon Ball, so that they made keep it safe from Vegeta and Freeza. He will take them to the Grand Elder, parent of all Namekians.

Elsewhere, Vegeta has found the four-star ball, and hides it at the bottom of a lake. Now he needs only find the last ball, then steal Freeza's from him - and he will have Eternal Life!!

Freeza has a similar strategy. He sends Zarbon and Appule to find the last Namekian villages and obtain the Dragon Balls - but he doesn't really think they'll still be there. Privately, Freeza plans to return to his spaceship with his five balls, and await Vegeta's inevitable strike. When Vegeta comes, he will kill him, and take his Dragon Balls, finally gifting himself with Eternal Life.

Meanwhile, Dende explains Namekian breeding to Bulma.
Wherein they give birth from their mouth.
(Bulma privately considers working this into her and Kuririn's sex play.
("Impregnant my mouth, you green beast!!" "Uh... I don't think that's how it works.")

 With that, Dende and Kuririn leave to find the Grand Elder.
Kuririn hopes Goku's training will be cause for a miracle...

 But aboard Son Goku's spaceship, Kaio-sama contacts him with miraculously news indeed.
 Four warriors have crossed Serpentine Road.
And they're hoping for even tougher training than Goku experienced.
 Piccolo, Yamcha, Chaozu, and Tenshinhan.
(I bet you can't guess which three will never be relevant to the story again, can you? Hint: They're all human.)
 Son Goku's courage explodes from hearing the familiar voices of his friends! 
 But Vegeta, Freeza, and Zarbon are still on the loose...!!

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