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Dragon Ball Z ep 53 - Nothing but Goosebumps! The Handsome Warrior Zarbon's Devilish Transformation

Zarbon doesn't like to show his latent power. It has been many years since he has. Buried deep within him is the ability to transform, unleashing his full potential. But it is horribly ugly, and Zarbon prefers the aesthetics of his suppressed form.

 Vegeta thinks he's full of shit.
 He ain't.

Zarbon thoroughly wrecks Vegeta. It's an interesting scene, because although I've seen DBZ many, many times before, and know how the series ultimately plays out, something about this fight makes me root for Zarbon over Vegeta. (Probably his Nicolas D. Wolfwood voice.) Zarbon dominates Vegeta into submission, then body slams him into the ground - shattering it into the greater river surrounding, which swallows Vegeta whole. Zarbon assumes Vegeta drowned, and leaves to report the whole mess to Freeza.

 Meanwhile, Son Goku trains at 50x Earth's gravity.

Although it's hard on his body, Goku can still hear Kaio-sama's warning about Freeza ringing in his ears.

 And Goku has no intention of backing down.

Back on Kaio's planet,
 Tenshinhan doesn't fully understand the concept of catching Bubbles.
 (Ten's so powerful, he makes the planet shake, despite the gravity working against him. And yet Oolong is still in more DBZ movies.)

At long last, Kuririn and Dende have reached the home of the Grand Elder (or Saichoro). Kuririn asks Dende if the sun will ever go down - its had to have been awhile since they landed - and Dende explains how Planet Namek has three suns. Each rise and fall in turn, so there is never "night" on Planet Namek. 

As they step up to the Grand Elder's conspicuous home, they are greeted by one of the few remaining Namekians...

 ... Piccolo?
(I'm pretty sure that's racist.)
 Introducing Nail.
Grand Elder's guardian. BAMF.

As Nail greets his excited little brother and the visiter from Earth, Kuri can tell that he has a great fighting presence - more so than any Namekian he's met so far, save for Piccolo himself. Nail explains that the Grand Elder has not left his home to go into hiding because his life is running short, but he is aware of the Earthlings, and what they have done. He takes them to meet with the Grand Elder...

 The Grand Elder of Namek.
Father of all Planet Namek.
Last survivor of the cataclysm.
(No where is his name ever Guru at any point ever. The fuck kind of name is Guru anyway?)

He thanks Kuririn for rescuing his young son, and Kuririn bashfully says it was nothing. (Which is true; Gohan did all the fucking work.)

But elsewhere on Namek, one Saiyan just won't die.
He's worse than General Blue.

(And if Tao showed up and killed him with his tongue, I'd be so happy.)

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