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Dragon Ball Z ep 54 - Defend The Planet of Hope!! Kuririn's Astonishing Power-Up

High atop a plateau on Planet Namek...

Kuririn meets with the Grand Elder of the Namekian people. He is in a pitiful state, mere days away from dying, and in mourning over the loss of so many of his children across the world. Kuririn asks if he may take the Dragon Ball, explaining the situation to him; Their friends are dead, and killed by one of the men now killing Namekians, the Saiyan Vegeta. The Grand Elder wonders if he is a "Super" Saiyan, but Kuririn isn't quite sure what he means. The Grand Elder is stunned to learn Earth has their own Dragon Balls, so Kuririn explains to him the story of Kami-sama.

The Grand Elder recognizes him as the child of Katattsu, born as a Dragon-type prodigy - rare among the Namekian people, and given the power of creating Dragon Balls. Curious, the Grand Elder requests to probe Kuririn's memory for more information. Through Kuririn, he receives a vision of the Kami's origin...

The Grand Elder witnesses the birth of Piccolo Daimao, the result of the Child of Katattsu's ascent into Godhood. He tells Kuririn that it was a shame to split apart the extraordinary power of a Dragon-type, reckoning that had Katattsu's child been one being, he might never have lost to the Saiyans.

Kuririn receives the one-star Dragon Ball from the Grand Elder, but with a caveat... He, the dying Elder, will likely not live long enough for the other Earthlings to be wished back to life. Kuririn says he will hide the ball from Freeza and his men regardless, and the Grand Elder thanks him gratefully. In return, he has a gift for him. He will unleash his hidden potential.

Kuririn chuckles, saying he appreciates it, but he's far reached his limit from all the training he has done over the years.

 Turns out Kuririn doesn't no jack about his potential.

Before he leaves, Kuririn asks if the Grand Elder can unleash anyone's potential. He can, and it does not shorten his lifespan to do so.

So Kuririn's off to find the best hope they have...
Son Gohan...!!
(Who is still five.)

Meet Orin.
 He's a Freeza minion with a can-do attitude.
 One day, he stumbles upon the village where Vegeta attacked and killed Namekians for their Dragon Ball! Neat!
 "Hey, who beat you up?"
"It was a Saiyan."
 "Cool, thanks."
 "Hey Freeza-sama! I learned from a Namekian I killed that Vegeta killed them for their Dragon Balls!"
 "You did what?"
 "I, uh... killed... the last Namekian... who saw Vegeta."
"Cool, thanks."

Freeza is mad enough at Zarbon. He calls in Appule to contact the Ginyu Tokusentai at once - and tell them to bring Scouters. Zarbon doesn't think this is wise, but is already in deep shit for leaving Vegeta for dead without checking for confirmation. Freeza tells him to prepare to answer as well if Vegeta is dead, and with that Zarbon is off... Freeza fears now, more than ever, that a Saiyan will become his greatest foe. This is why he calls forth his special elite squad, the Ginyu Tokusentai, to Namek. But which Saiyan, he wonders...

Checking on the Dragon Radar, Bulma and Gohan realize that Kuririn is on his way back from the Grand Elder's with a Dragon Ball. But another Dragon Ball sits on its own, unguarded by Vegeta's ki, in the direction where Vegeta attacked a Namekian village -- the four star ball! Realizing their luck, Gohan takes the Radar and heads off to grab the ball!

Back at Freeza's spaceship, Vegeta's injuries are treated by Zarbon and Appule... Five days remain until the Ginyu Tokusentai arrive... and before Son Goku's arrival!!

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