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Dragon Ball Z ep 55 - Back from the Brink of Death -- The Miracle Man, Vegeta

Days from Planet Namek, Son Goku trains himself at 50x Earth's gravity. Exhausted, he wonders what sort of training his friends Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Piccolo are doing on Kaio-sama's planet. But before he can lose himself in revelry, he remember why he's training - Vegeta and Freeza await him on Namek, and he'll need to be strong to face them.

 On Kaio's planet, the B-Team (minus Kuririn) is having trouble capturing Bubbles.

Piccolo isn't pleased with Kaio's methods. He approaches the old master, requesting he teach him his techniques now, without this "ridiculous" training. Kaio asks him to help pull weeds if he doesn't wish to train. Furiously, Piccolo grasps for Kaio's shirt, but something about the old master's stance makes him back off. Piccolo knows he's been beaten, and thus slumps away to meditate on his own.

 The B-Team have a meal, recharging their dead bodies.
Each then proceed to shatter Goku's "record" for capturing Bubbles.
 (For those keeping score: First Place, Piccolo. Second Place, Yamcha. Third Place, Tenshinhan. Fourth Place, Chaozu. And Fifth Place, Son Goku.)
 But the training doesn't end with Bubbles! Next, they must conquer Gregory!
After an hour of struggling...
 They finally manage to knock him down!!!
(It took Goku two weeks. It took the B-Team an hour.
Goku trained with Mr. Popo for three years. The B-Team did it for 5 months.
... How exactly do they fall behind again?)

For their next bit of training, Kaio wishes them to spar against each other. He means to pair them off, when Piccolo comes over and offers to join in. But Piccolo will not fight one-on-one with them; No, if there were 10 of them, he claims, he would still win. Kaio is eager to put Piccolo's theory to the test... and Yamcha and Ten are eager to punch him in the face.

B-Team vs Piccolo, go! 
It doesn't exactly go as Piccolo reckoned it would.

Ten and the others tell Piccolo to remove his weighted clothing for round two - and Piccolo gladly obliges. But Kaio is done with sparring. He recalls them to him, the seed of doubt sown in Piccolo's mind. How did they get so fast at such high gravity? Was it really because Kaio's ridiculous training? 

Then Kaio makes a joke about Asparagus making you fart - i.e. Aspara-gas. Stay classy, Kaio-sama.

 Back at Freeza's spaceship on Planet Namek, Appule nurses Vegeta to health.
 Appule makes the mistake of calling him "Vegeta-chan".
 Hearing an explosion from the medical bay, Freeza and Zarbon rush to check it out.
 Vegeta has... escaped?!
 Nope. Just trollin'.
With Freeza and Zarbon distracted by Vegeta's diversion - and poor Appule dead - Vegeta can find and steal Freeza's Dragon Balls!! Six down, one to go!!!

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