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Dragon Ball Z ep 56 - An Enormous Battle Power!! Freeza's Strategy Shattered

Vegeta has outwitted his former mafia bosses, Freeza and Zarbon. First he pretended to escape outside, then he revealed he was actually inside. And during the confusion, he blasted a hole in Freeza's spaceship's ceiling, chucked all five of Freeza's Dragon Balls far, far away, and then dived into a nearby river to swim his getaway. For a psycho killer with a ridiculous receding hairline, you're pretty cool, Vegeta.

 Freeza gives Zarbon one hour to return with Vegeta and the Dragon Balls.
 If not, he'll going the way of Appule.
And Orin, Dodoria, Kewie, and all the Generic Freeza Minions.

Gohan comes upon the village invaded by Vegeta at last. He can hardly believe what he's seeing - Elderly, adult, and child Namekians of all sorts, slaughtered without mercy. (Gohan is going to need some serious fucking therapy when he gets back to Earth.) Then he sees the ruins of the Ajissa trees, which Dende explained the Namekians took their greatest pride in growing. Mournfully, Gohan buries the Namekians in the Ajissa fields, and marks their graves each with a simple stick.

 (And I sit at home saying, "Don't fucking cry, don't fucking cry, don't fucking cry".)

If their is any hope to by gleamed, it is that Son Gohan finds the Four-Star Ball
(Isn't that neat? Because he's named after the original Son Gohan, who had the second generation four-star ball. And now he's the second generation Gohan who has the original four-star ball! It's like a circle! I love circles!)

 Vegeta gathers up the five Dragon Balls stolen from Freeza. Gohan's actions are unknown to him, so to Vegeta, he has obtained all but one Dragon Ball.
 And then he sees the last Dragon Ball in the arms of Kuririn. Not sure how the Earthling managed to make it to Namek, but not particularly caring, Vegeta grins at his own luck! Eternal Life is in his grasp!
 Zarbon spots Kuririn as well, and Vegeta pursuing him. Pleased, Zarbon joins in on the pursuit.

Kuririn returns to Bulma and shows her the One-Star Ball given to him by the Grand Elder. She explains how Gohan left to find another Dragon Ball, but before she can finish explaining...

 Vegeta makes his landing.

Vegeta congratulates them on making it so far out into space. He had no idea humanity had such an advanced civilization. But it is for naught, as he will be taking their Dragon Ball. However, before he can do that, he must take care of one other bit of business. And if Kuririn tries to hide or run away or any other funny idea, he'll kill Bulma in an instant.

Just then; Zarbon. 
 Bulma in convinced someone that hot must be a super hero.
"T-this is the worst..." Kuririn mutters.

Meanwhile, in space.

Goku finds himself in a pickle when his spaceship flies through some sort of psychedelic magnetic storm. What this means, according to Dr. Brief, is that his gravity machine is out of whack. Goku isn't surprised by this, as during his workout, the gravity suddenly spiked from 50x to 100x, disabling him from even moving his arms. If Goku is to survive the hour in the storm, he'll need to manually switch off the gravity device.

In other words, he's pretty fucked.

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