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Dragon Ball Z ep 57 - I'm Back to My Old Self Again!! Goku Under 100-Times Super-Gravity

Goku's Kamehameha is no match for 100x gravity. (Because spiritual energy is effected by gravitational pulls, I guess?) Stuck in a magnetic storm, he has an hour before the gravity machine reverts back to normal. However, his body will be unable to hold out that long, so he must try his hardest to turn the machine off manually, or die before reaching Planet Namek.

Back on Namek, Zarbon and Vegeta prepare to face off against one another again, as Kuririn and Bulma watch helplessly. Zarbon is no match for Vegeta in his handsome form, and the Saiyan Prince taunts him into transforming. Zarbon is reluctant, appalled by his "monster" form. But Freeza gave him one hour to return with Vegeta, or pay with his life. 

But no matter who wins, our heroes are certainly boned.

After a long, difficult struggle, Son Goku manages to break the shackles of his training chain with a Kaioken. He inches toward the gravity machine, most of the bones in his body shattered and mangled, and lifts himself with his chin to the machine. Smashing his face against the controls, Goku at last reverts the gravity back to normal.

But now that he's experienced 100x gravity, he is determined to train in it. 

Despite his monster form, Zarbon is still no match for Vegeta. But how? His Battle Power is clearly higher than Vegeta's in this form! Vegeta mocks Zarbon, saying he thought he'd be better informed about Saiyans. The truth is, Saiyans are a warrior race. Whenever they fight, they become stronger. Healing a near death Vegeta was a fatal mistake...

Whenever a Saiyan is near death... 
 ... and they recover...
 ... they become stronger than ever.

Zarbon makes a plea with Vegeta, as Kewie did before him. Were they to join forces, he argues, they could defeat Freeza together! After all, Zarbon was only following Freeza's orders. It was never personal.

To Vegeta, however, it was always personal.

Vegeta is in a fantastic mood. He congratulates Kuririn on raising his ki so much since their fight on Earth, but warns him against trying to come up against him. So Kuririn strikes a deal -- he'll give him the Dragon Ball without trouble, if Vegeta agrees to leave them be. Vegeta sees nothing wrong with this proposal. After all, he'll have all seven Dragon Balls either way, and then the universe will become his.

But Vegeta doesn't know that Kuririn is gambling all their hopes on Son Gohan and the Four-Star Ball.

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