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Dragon Ball Z ep 58 - Freeza's Secret Weapon! The Devilish Ginyu Tokusentai

Some Generic Freeza Minions (G.F.M.) inform their lord Freeza of the current developments; Zarbon has not returned, and the Ginyu Tokusentai are leaving from Planet Freeza immediately. Freeza assumes Zarbon is either dead or has fled. Either way, he is surprised at how such a simple mission has turned out. Had he known, he would have brought the Tokusentai from the start.

 Then he blows up one of the G.F.M., because Freeza's a dick.

In Other World, Kaio-sama can sense the presence of five powerful warriors headed toward Planet Namek
 The Ginyu Tokusentai.
Yamcha isn't worried.
"We'll put those guys down 'G-iny-ood' and hard!"

Kaio-sama isn't laughing. (Though Yamcha's future career as a stand up comedian once again becomes clear to him.) The Ginyu Tokusentai are Freeza's elite force, and each most likely have stronger fighting abilities than even Son Goku!! Things are indeed looking grim for our heroes...

 But meanwhile, headed toward Namek, Goku is quickly conquering 100x gravity!

Bulma thinks that Kuririn gave up their Dragon Ball to Vegeta all-too-easily. Kuririn says he had to; or else they would certainly be dead now. That they're alive is a small miracle. But Kuririn still has his Ace-in-the-hole...

Son Gohan
Gohan senses Vegeta's ki, and ducks away from him.
But it's too late. Before he could repress his own ki, Vegeta sensed him. 
So Vegeta gives his mysterious host an ultimatum: 
Show yourself, or he destroys everything in the area
Gohan opts to show himself, but hides the Dragon Ball. 

Vegeta figured it would be Kakarotto's son. He asks about his father, and Gohan tells him he hadn't come. A shame, says Vegeta. Together, the three of them are the only Saiyans left in the universe. (Unless you count Tarble, Broly, and Paragus.) Vegeta asks about the strange device Gohan has - the Dragon Radar - and Gohan tells him it's a clock. Vegeta mocks him. How could a civilization with such large clocks manage space travel? But, oh well. He has a message for Gohan to give his father when he returns to Earth...

 And that message is "Fuck you."

But as Vegeta flies off... 
 ... it is Son Gohan, and not Prince Vegeta ...
 ... that has the last laugh.

Bulma and the Dragon Ball relocate to a new hiding place, and Kuririn is off to take Gohan to the Grand Elder's. If his hunch is correct, Gohan's hidden potential may give him enough power to properly rival Vegeta! Vegeta now holds six Dragon Balls, and furiously awaits the Earthlings attempt to steal them from him, so that he may take the final ball from them. And finally, Freeza waits patiently for the Ginyu Tokusentai to arrive, and remove Vegeta and all other opposition from the picture.

Three forces struggle for the 7 Dragon Balls...!!

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