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300th post

Unless I'm reading the signs wrong, this will be my 300th post. Wow. I bet most of you didn't think I'd make it longer than six months (for the record, I'm 10 months in - woof). For my long time readers, thank you for sticking around and seeing this madness through. For the new folks (I know you're there! Hey!), I hope you'll be sticking around until the end.

Let's see how far I've come...

Pilaf Saga 
21st Tenka-ichi Budokai Saga 
Red Ribbon Army Saga 
Uranai Baba Saga 
Tenshinhan Saga 
Piccolo Daimao Saga 
Piccolo Jr. Saga 
Saiyan Saga 
And the first half of the Freeza Saga.

And what's left...?

Freeza Saga second half. 
Garlic Jr. Saga 
Artificial Humans Saga 
Cell Saga 
Anoyo-ichi Budokai Saga
25th Tenka-ichi Budokai Saga 
Majin Buu Saga 
Black Star Dragon Balls Saga 
Baby Saga 
Super 17 Saga 
Shen Long Saga 
And finally, Dragon Ball Kai...

Plus a ton of movies and specials and video games and holy crap, I will triple the amount of posts I have now before I'm done.

Thanks for sticking around folks. It means a lot to me. And, hey, feel free to leave comments, kay? They're my favorite part about doing this!

Biba Sennin

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