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Dragon Ball Z ep 59 - Watch Out, Bulma!! The Four Star Ball Falls Into Freeza's Clutches

It has come to Vegeta's attention that Kuririn and Gohan have the ability not only to hide their ki, but also a device which detects Dragon Balls. Realizing that he can not longer leave his six balls unattended, Vegeta elects to wait, guarding, for the Earthling's to make their move. He figures he has three or four days to spare until Freeza can obtain new Scouters from Planet Freeza. He'll need eternal life by then if he hopes to usurp Freeza's reign...

Goku nearly kills himself again, training at 100x gravity. After firing of several Kamehameha, he attempts to tank them with his face. It doesn't work out so well. (Huuuuurr.) Luckily, he has his trusty Senzu Beans from Karin-sama and Yajirobe. Two days remain, he reckons, until he'll arrive on Planet Namek.

Son Goku Level Up!
Strength + 2!
Stamina + 1!
Speed + 1!
Ki + 1!
Hunger + 13!

Back at the HQ, Bulma is having a sexual fantasy involving Vegeta.
(Er, foreshadowing...?)
 Freeza is not pleased, so he starts shooting ki blasts in all directions.

An Earthquake caused by one of Freeza's blasts makes the 4-star ball fall into the ocean. Bulma isn't keen to go after it, even as it starts sinking. After all, she can make Kuririn get it when he returns! But as it descends more rapidly, she remembers she has a boyfriend that is dead (what was his name again? Lambchop? Trumpet? Ru Paul?), so she should probably keep a closer eye on it.

 But in the ocean, Bulma because distracted by a giant pearl.
 Because she's a woman and women can't properly operate around shiny things.
 This causes her and the 4-star ball to get sucked into a whirlpool.
 Where she has to fight a giant crab.
 The fight ends when she saves the crab, its eggs, and swoops on the DBall.
Only to get kidnapped by Freeza minions.

Bulma can't catch a break.

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