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Dragon Ball Z ep 60 - Charge!! The Kaioken and Kamehameha of an Indomitable Spirit

 Meet Blueberry and Raspberry.

They're a couple of Generic Freeza Minions who happen upon Bulma and the 4-star Dragon Ball. They're eager to find Vegeta, and are under the impression that Bulma is his ally. So they swoop on her, and despite her pleas that she is ignorant, they promise she will speak differently when she's questioned by Freeza himself...

That's when Bulma goes all Smeagol on them...
 "We can takes you to it. To the preciouses. And you can uses it... for your own wishes..."
 Blueberry likes the sound of that.
 They force Bulma to suit up and take them to the DBalls.
 But instead, she takes them to the giant crab's eggs.
 And the giant crab kills the fuck out of them.

Meanwhile, Son Goku continues his training at 100x gravity. Using a Kaioken, Kamehameha, and a ki blast, he accidentally hits himself with his all his power. Or it was on purpose. I'm not actually sure. Either way, his training has been successful, because unlike the last episode, Goku has no trouble shaking it off. (And that's why the episode name is what it is. I guess.)

On Namek, Gohan and Kuririn have been traveling for days on foot. Given how close they are to the Grand Elder now, and how soon Goku will be arriving, Kuririn thinks they can risk flying at full speed. Surely, Vegeta can't sense their ki from here?

He can. 

But unknown to all the key players but Freeza...
 ... a group is about to land on Namek that will change the course of everything.


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