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Dragon Ball Z ep 61 - The Great Battle Approaches! Ginyu Tokusentai Takes the Stage!!

 100x gravity has been a success.
 Goku is stronger and faster than he could have even imagined!
He reckons he could even use Kaioken x10 now!
With only a short time before he arrives, Goku gets a bath. 
Decides against Dr. Brief's taste in beverages. 
And catches some Zees.

But unknown to Son Goku, peacefully sleeping as his spaceship approaches Planet Namek... he has far surpassed the limits of any Saiyan before him. And he'll need that power too...

Back on Planet Namek, Vegeta races toward Kuririn and Gohan, as our heroes fast approach the Grand Elder's place. Horror struck, Kuririn senses Vegeta's ki. They're close enough to the Grand Elder's that Kuririn sends Gohan to get his hidden power unlocked without him - he'll do his best to distract Vegeta!

 He didn't really think this plan through thoroughly...

But Vegeta can tell that Kuririn is hiding something from him, as he approaches the monk. Perhaps that mountain where Kakarotto's son fled is the secret location of the Dragon Ball? Kuririn pleas with Vegeta not to go, but little good it does. Vegeta looks on at the Namekian home curiously as he lands. What is this place?

That's when Nail introduces himself. 
While the Grand Elder unlocks Son Gohan's power. 
Vegeta thinks he understands. A powerful ki. Kakarotto is inside that building! 

Vegeta bellows for Kakarotto to show himself, so they can finish their fight at once!!

But it isn't Son Goku whose ki he can feel.

It's Son Gohan.

Initially, Vegeta can hardly believe it. How did he get so much stronger? But as he looks between the serious expressions on Gohan and Nail's faces, he begins to cackle -- do they really believe they can defeat him?

But it matters not. The Grand Elder sends Dende outside with a warning. Something very powerful is approaching the Planet Namek. And Vegeta knows who it is. Kuririn hopes it is Goku, but there is more than one power. Five in total. All of which, according to Vegeta, may indeed be stronger than him.

He's had enough playing around. If they want to live, they'll need to give their Dragon Ball to Vegeta, so that he can wish for immortality and defeat Freeza's approaching reinforcements. Kuririn asks why they can't make Gohan immortal instead - and Vegeta says he is powerful enough, but green when it comes to fighting. Kuririn curses... why did they even come to this planet?! Then Nail reveals the secret of the Namekian Dragon Balls - they can grant not one, but three wishes.

(Which means the obvious choice is to wish back Piccolo and give him immortality, right?)

"Why not Yamcha?"
(Because no.)

As the Earthlings and Vegeta leave to collect the 4-star ball from Bulma, the Grand Elder gives Nail permission to leave after them. After all, Nail is the Planet Namek's most powerful son. Nail is emotional as he parts with his father. But Grand Elder tells him his life may yet hold out awhile long.

But back at Freeza's spaceship... 
... his reinforcements have at last arrived. 


Freeza's elite squad have shown their faces at long last! Can Gohan, Kuririn, and Vegeta gather the Dragon Balls quickly enough to prevent disaster?! And what about Son Goku?! Hurry, everyone...!!

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