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Dragon Ball Z ep 62 - Goku on the Final Approach! Smash Through Freeza's Dragnet

The Ginyu Tokusentai have arrived on Planet Namek at long last, bearing Scouters and strength for their boss, Freeza. They are Reacoom, Butta, Jheese, Ghurd, and Commander Ginyu. Their mission is simple: Find Vegeta. Beat him within an inch of his life. Bring him to Freeza. With that, Freeza might find the Dragon Balls and gain his wish for Immortality. As for two Earthlings with Vegeta, their orders are to kill them as they see fit.

Ghurd recalls Vegeta's bullying of him back on Planet Freeza.
He is eager to fight Vegeta himself. 

(Geez, it's been awhile since I've been able to do this...
I hope I still have it in me...
Without further ado,)

Meanwhile, in outer space...
Son Goku is 20 minutes from arriving on Namek.

He feels oddly calm. Despite the fact that Vegeta and Freeza are both waiting for him on Namek, his nerves are utterly still. He wonders about himself, almost academically (if, indeed, Son Goku can be academic). Did he lose his mind under the stress of gravity training? His fear is gone. All that remains is still quiet and patience.

As Vegeta, Kuririn, and Gohan find themselves at the other five Dragon Balls, Kuririn hesitates. Why should they allow Vegeta to gain immortality? What have they to truly gain? Wouldn't defeating Freeza with his aid just take them out of the frying pan, and into the fire? That moment's hesitation is long enough so that the Ginyu Tokusentai land in front of them.

"Yo, Veggie-chan." Ginyu greets Vegeta.
Vegeta makes an attempt to toss his Dragon Ball faraway.
But against Butta, the fastest man in the universe, it means nothing.
Kuririn makes to destroy his, rather than give it up to Freeza...
... but it suddenly appears in Ghurd's hands.
This confirms rumors Vegeta has always heard: Ghurd can control time.

Commander Ginyu decides (after much begging from his men) to let his team decide who kills Vegeta; with a rousing game of Rock-Paper-Scissors!

Reacoom wins.
 Knowing Ghurd's grudge, Reacoom says he'll let him have the final blow.
Ginyu himself takes the seven balls back to Freeza. 

It is decided that Ghurd will take on the two Earthlings. He isn't thrilled about it, but reckons he can get it over soon enough.

He reckoned wrong.

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