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Dragon Ball Z ep 63 - Super-Magic or Just a Trick?! Mr. Ghurd is Angry!

Butta is impressed as he watches Kuririn and Gohan's Battle Powers raise dramatically. Could they be a race which can raise their Battle Powers at will without transforming? To begin their fight with Ghurd, our heroes launch off a double assault of Kamehameha and Masenko. But as Vegeta warned them, Ghurd fights by manipulating time...

Ghurd causes time to stop, soon long as he can hold his breath. 
 But to his surprise, Gohan and Kuririn had, in an instant, flanked him!
 Before he can do much more than run, he runs out of breath.

Kuririn is onto Ghurd's shenanigans, and like a General, continues to direct his and Gohan's movement in the fight against Ghurd. He can tell Ghurd weakens his ki every time he uses his time stopping ability, so it is only a matter of time before they have an opening Ghurd cannot close.

 Kinda like that.

Butta is becoming irritated with Ghurd's inability to finish off the "brats". Sticking up for his bro, Reacoom insists Ghurd can finish them off in one minute's time - he even bets a chocolate bar on it. 

Sadly, Ghurd isn't doing well. 

So Reacoom, Butta, and Jheese give him an ultimatum: Finish soon, or Reacoom won't play with him anymore, and he'll have to take his 3 o'clock snack alone. This properly gets to Ghurd, he begs them to give him a bit longer! He'll finish these kids, surely! 

Ghurd unleashes his rarely seen paralysis technique!! As the name implies, Kuririn and Gohan are utterly frozen in place, struggle as they might. Vegeta curses them - the fools should have been more careful. But Ghurd cackles to himself as he at last gains the upperhand.

 It's too late for Reacoom's chocolate bar, though. A minute has gone by.
Ghurd attacks first with a barrage of stones and rocks. 
 Then he attacks them personally.
And at last, he prepares to skewer them on a tree trunk!! 
In Other World, Piccolo's Gohan Sense is tingling. 
But it needn't. 
With one attack from Vegeta, Ghurd falls. 
Ghurd can do little more than curse Vegeta... 
... before meeting his final fate. 

Kuririn is reluctant to show gratitude, but Gohan thanks Vegeta for his help. Vegeta insists he didn't do it to save them, but to kill Ghurd. He then immediately contradicts himself by telling them to be more careful, and that the worst is yet to come. Meanwhile, the Ginyu Tokusentai are furious to have lost one of their number.

It isn't the same without Ghurd... 

Before Reacoom steps into the fray to fight Vegeta, Butta and Jheese have to decide which of them will finish off Kuririn and Gohan. As such, they play a rousing game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. (Lizard-Spock still omitted.) But they won't have to worry about fighting Kuririn and Gohan...

A much more dangerous man from Earth approaches them this very moment... minutes away from Planet Namek...

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